15 Superpowers Companies Gain Using VDI

VDI is a technology with some remarkable capabilities when set up correctly or a cranky beast when left unattended. Consider these 15 superpowers you can achieve with your VDI. Give employees a brand-new computer every day. VDI can give you a new desktop every morning, making sure personal preferences and customizations are always there to […] View Post

Who Should Get to Decide How and Where We Work?

Reading an article earlier this week on vox.com I saw this chart detailing, by industry, the percentage of the workforce that was working remotely vs. the percentage that wanted to work remotely. While there are some jobs that cannot be done remotely vs. some that can absolutely be done remotely, the discussion about where the […] View Post

Simplifying the Path to a Great User Experience

Nothing is more important to the adoption of a Citrix or VMware virtual desktop solution than a great end user experience. With all of VDI’s benefits for enabling employees to work from anywhere, on any type of device, while simplifying endpoint management and protecting and securing company data, challenges may arise that could derail a […] View Post

Measuring Citrix Logon Performance: Give Users the Experience They Want

When it comes to the end-user experience, one of the most critical metrics is the users’ logon time. As the user’s first action of the day, a fast logon experience can set the tone for a great computing experience, but a slow logon can cause frustration that can set a first impression that is hard […] View Post

Why is Citrix Running Slow? Check These 5 Things First.

You’ve invested in Citrix to help your users work more efficiently from home, but you’re now concerned user productivity and experience aren’t what you need them to be. Logons are slow, users are complaining, and productivity is down. What can you do? There are many common reasons Citrix performance might not be what it should, […] View Post

Anybody not tearing their rigid IT architecture down right now, they’re dinosaurs

James Gorman, CEO of Morgan Stanley, a 60,431-employee Fortune 500 financial services firm, stated on April 16th, “We’ve proven we can operate with no footprint,” in a Bloomberg TV interview. “Can I see a future where part of every week, certainly part of every month, a lot of our employees will be at home? Absolutely.2 […] View Post

Making it Work or Making it Up: How Work-from-Home is Working in the Real World

Interviews with real people about the talent and technologies they have had to master in five areas to make work-at-home work for their business. Mary is a CFO at a Wisconsin credit union; 120 years strong, with 28,000 members in two states, $350 million in assets, and over 120 employees. Though the financial institution’s longevity, […] View Post

Bending IT with the Business: 8 Ways to Introduce IT Flexibility

In general, the more flexible the IT infrastructure is, the more successful organizations are at surviving and thriving when new ways of working, like mandated work-from-home, are introduced.  Adapt or die the phrase goes.  New problems create opportunities for new solutions.  Having flexibility in IT infrastructure in real terms means organizations have a wider range […] View Post

How is Healthcare Working in a Work-from-Home World? – Real Stories from the Front Line

With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses nationwide have been forced to restructure their typical workday. Currently, around 316 million Americans1 are being advised to stay home. In this unique situation entire industries are making changes to facilitate this new way to work. Whitehat Virtual is one such business helping companies make this shift. […] View Post

New Licensing Options Help Citrix Customers Minimize Workforce Disruption in a COVID-19 World

COVID-19 is here, the office is a ghost town and employees are self-quarantined at home, hanging out of drive through windows, in a mask and gloves or possibly suited up like they work in a clean room somewhere. How do you manage a (hopefully) temporary surge in employees working in ways most of us never […] View Post