VMware Simplified.

VMware Horizon that’s simple, inexpensive and just works. Guaranteed!

TitaniuM HCI is changing the game for organizations deploying and using VMware Horizon — by eliminating the need to worry about VMware at all.

TitaniuM HCI: everything you need for VMware Horizon for life. One monthly fee.

Latest Software

  • Zero Effort, Zero Cost VMware Upgrades™
  • 540 proprietary environment optimizations
  • Everything you need to be successful
  • VMware & Microsoft licensing optional

Complete Hardware Stack

  • Complete self-contained hyperconverged appliances
  • Built on Dell EMC hyperconverged hardware
  • VMware vSAN Ready Nodes platforms
  • Modular, scalable all-in-one design
  • Cloud solution power within the security of your data centers

Lifetime Management

  • Fully deployed and managed for you
  • Deployment-to-decommissioning solution
  • Assist us to load your applications. We do the rest!
  • Full system refresh whenever you need it

TitaniuM HCI uses software backed by VMware and built on top-of-the-line hardware under Dell hardware, and fully Windows 10-compatible.

TitaniuM HCI gives you a great VMware experience, or we fix the problem at our cost. No other hardware solution will guarantee your VMware performance.

The simple, inexpensive way to provision and manage VMware

No capital expenditures

No management headaches

No consumption of scarce IT resources

Scale without disrupting your operations

Less expense and strain than doing it yourself

You have to have VMware.
You don’t have to have problems.

  • If you’re tired of pouring money into hardware, software and consultants with no certainty of outcome or performance.
  • If your VMware environment is one continual, costly headache.
  • And if just “getting things right” seems an endless process, consuming more IT resources than it should, and more C-level attention than you can spare.

Why you’ll love TitaniuM HCI

Why Employees loves TitaniuM HCI

  • Sub 30-second logins
  • No more performance bottlenecks
  • Automatic issue resolution
  • Zero disruption N+1

Why C-level loves TitaniuM HCI

  • Much lower TCO
  • Fixed, predictable cost
  • No capital expenditure on software or hardware
  • Stop managing VMware and start managing the business

Why IT loves TitaniuM HCI

  • No need to manage or maintain hardware and software
  • Focus internal IT on application and end-user experience
  • Get off the upgrade merry-go-round

You can eliminate your VMware Horizon risk

What hardware do we buy? How much memory will it need? What are the best CPUs these days? Will this NIC be sufficient? How much storage will be needed? What are the best software tools? And what’s the most effective way to organize licensing?

These are a handful of the questions organizations regularly grapple with when they roll out VMware. One wrong answer can set you up for an expensive, and embarrassing, flop.

TitaniuM HCI is the easy way to get VMware right — first time.

You can eliminate your VMware stress

Even if deployment goes well, you know you’re not out of the woods — VMware needs ongoing management and care to continue to continually perform at peak!
Can you internally manage all the images, patching, and upgrades? Do you have the resources this week? What about next week or next month?
If not, you need to hire and manage (expensive!) consultants, contractors and vendors. Who can you trust? Who has the right experience? Which ones have a vested interest in flogging you particular hardware or software?

Improperly managed VMware is one of the leading causes of performance decay — and IT, operational and management headaches. Extended poor performance — and repeated, failed fixes — generally leads to drastic actions like ripping VMware out and wasting the investment entirely.

TitaniuM HCI is the easy way to keep VMware right — every time.

You can eliminate your VMware expense

The upfront cost is often more than $1,200+ USD per seat by the time deployment is complete. For employees, it can be an expensive gamble. A bad call can lose a lot of money and potentially damage a career.

Titanium HCI is the easy way to contain VMware risk and expense — all the time.

So easy to manage the most non-technical CEO could do it!

TitaniuM HCI is the simple, robust VMware performance that you want and that your users expect.

No more expensive decisions. No more un-vetted consultants and vendors.

It just works — and that means the C-level can get on with the real agenda: creating business growth.

Cloud–delivered power and reliability without the cost

The cost of a similar solution from a major Cloud provider would easily run into tens — or hundreds — of thousands of dollars a year.

Titanium HCI is gives you all the benefits of cloud-delivered VDI and applications for a fraction of the investment.

Why organizations rely on us for VMware


Hand-picked VMware Horizon engineering team responsible for architecting and managing some of the largest Horizon environments in the world.


Every customer benefits from 540+ proprietary optimizations developed managing thousands of VMware seats.

Performance Guarantee

We guarantee that VMware will be effortless for you, and that you’ll never have to worry about it again.


End-user average login time is 17 seconds. The slowest client is only 22 seconds.

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