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Fixes To Every Day Problems

There are many IT issues unique to the manufacturing industry and no one knows it better than our team.
Here are some of the issues we tackle on a daily basis:
Slow Acquisition Integration

Slow Acquisition Integration

Whether there is a company acquisition or new supplier added to the network, getting new parties up to speed with existing IT infrastructure is normally anything but speedy.
Downtime and Bottlenecks

Downtime and Bottlenecks

The sign of a successful plant floor is usually indicated by a hum of active employees and machinery. What’s one of the biggest red flags? Quiet downtime due to underperforming IT.
Challenging Global Unification

Challenging Global Unification

The global supply chain is reshaping the way manufacturers operate. With headquarters, plants, and warehouses in multiple states and countries, mobilizing workforces and sharing data tends to be a challenge. 
Vulnerable Intellectual Property

Vulnerable Intellectual Property

Within the manufacturing industry, protecting intellectual property is just as important as securing physical property. However, new ideas and pending patents can be vulnerable without the right IT security.
Missing Mobility

Missing Mobility

Mobility is no longer a “nice to have” but is now a necessity and even more so within manufacturing, especially if plants are located in remote areas or multiple facilities need to collaborate.
Aging Infrastructure

Scattered IT Teams

Need to cut manufacturing expenses and keep things lean? Manufacturing IT services are a must but a decentralized team is only going to add to the bottom line.

How We help

Stop settling for underperforming IT. Our team is able to transform headache-causing technology into a well-oiled machine. Here’s a look at how we make it happen:
  • 24-hour IT support ensures day and night hassle free network functionality, so you can worry about production schedules and product deadlines.
  • Whitehat’s cloud computing solutions allow secure access to client and project data across multi-location manufacturing facilities or users.
  • We actively monitor network security to prevent outages, data breaches, hacking, malware, and network vulnerabilities.
  • Multi-facility data management allows for large manufacturing organizations to streamline their sensitive data in one secure location with reliable access and speedy load times.
A good managed IT service partner can do all of these things and provide you the consulting, design and implementation assistance to get there painlessly.
We love that we can always call or email Whitehat and receive a prompt technical answer to our Citrix questions.

Joe Ferguson Senior Systems Admin
Worldwide Clinical Trials

We struggled pulling info for DSH and reached out to Whitehat. Within 30 minutes we had the team on a call and they cleared  up the confusion.

Lou Lopez Val Verde Regional Medical Center

managed IT support

Managed IT

Looking for complete and centralized IT support? Our managed IT offering is the most popular choice for clients looking for an all-inclusive approach. Keep reading for more info.
citrix IT support

Citrix Management

When purchasing Citrix for the first time, our clients usually have a laundry list of action items but most rarely get accomplished. Check everything off of the list with our managed Citrix service.
security and compliance IT support

Security and Compliance

Secure sensitive company data and systems, develop disaster recovery plans, and seamlessly meet all industry compliance standards with our managed security offering.
cloud and hosting IT support

Cloud and Hosting

Support a mobile workforce with ease and host data across multiple manufacturing facilities by partnering with our managed cloud and hosting team. Get more info by clicking below.

Meet Our Manufacturing Expert

Technology changes quickly, and with that, new problems can come out of nowhere. It helps to have an expert on hand.
Shawn Maiberger, Enterprise Citrix Architect

Shawn Maiberger
Enterprise Architect

As a former Citrix consulting professional, Shawn’s experience stems from Citrix’s enterprise mobilization stack, including persistent and non-persistent XenDesktop solution design, XenMobile MAM and MDM design and rollout, XenApp and App-V app delivery, PVS and print design and delivery. He has used these skills to design and implement enterprise-scale solutions for organizations that share the vision of allowing users to be productive from anywhere, on any device.

Improve the End-User Experience

Benefits That Matter

No matter the size of an operation or the goods being produced, our manufacturing IT services provide consistent and dependable IT quality. But that’s not all:

Centralized Support

With the added assistance managed services provides, our clients are able to minimize the amount of on-site IT staff needed across multiple facilities and centralize support, saving money and time.

Rapid Rollout

Improving manufacturing productivity and quality is easy with Whitehat. Deliver access to upgrades and new applications from headquarters directly to the front line without waiting for a technician.
Virtualized Workforce

Virtualized Workforce

Start effectively moving operations to where talent is located instead of forcing talent to relocate. Expanding hiring capabilities to new geographic regions is possible through virtualization.

Seamless Communication

Say goodbye to bottlenecks and inhibited lines of communication. Our team helps clients easily and securely transfer data and processes from data center to data center without missing a beat.
End to End Security

End to End Security

Proactively monitor distribution centers and warehouses, meet SLA compliance standards, and ensure security along the entire supply chain with Whitehat.

Flexible Scalability

An IT platform should enable businesses to “roll with the punches” and that’s exactly what we provide at Whitehat. Our clients can remain agile through seasonality changes and in periods of growth or acquisition.

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