Managed Security Services

Managing The Toughest IT Security Problems

We encounter a wide variety of issues when solving our clients’ security headaches.
However, across all industries and company sizes a few stand out as repeat offenders. Do these ring a bell?
lack of strategy

Lack of Strategy

Most companies operate without a long-term IT security compliance plan. This may work in the short-term but over time this lack of strategy often leads to unclear priorities, underfunding, and a lack of resources.

Inconsistent Assessments

It’s critical to perform an in-depth assessment of internal controls on a continuous basis but without the right manpower, a consistent schedule can be difficult to achieve.

Missing Security Governance Policy

Managing IT security without an information security governance plan is like building a house without walls. Without the right foundational policies and procedures, there isn’t a clear way to prevent or solve threats.

No Plan B

Whether the cause is an unexpected outage or hurricane, operational disruptions can cripple an organization. Having a strong business continuity and disaster recovery program is critical in emergency situations.
ignoring cyber monitoring

Ignoring Cyber Monitoring

Whitehat creates great end user experiences that make employees measurably more productive for the companies they work for. 
do more with less

Doing More With Less

Time and budget are restrictions for almost every business but selecting a sub-par security solution and hoping for the best will never yield positive results.

Dive Into Our Process

Each client’s journey with Whitehat is different but here’s a look at our security and compliance process.

Initial Assessment

Every managed security services project begins with an assessment to determine our client’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. The results of the initial evaluation will identify a series of tactical and strategic remediation items that will be used to develop a custom 12-month roadmap.
program management

Program Management

  • After the roadmap is developed, our MSSP team implements and manages all security governance policies and standards, business continuity plans, cyber security tools, and compliance controls. These projects are executed in a way that does not require additional client support or staff.

“We love the idea of being able to view all security activity through a single pane of glass like Whitehat offers.”

– CIO, Enterprise Financial Services Organization

Meet Our Managed Security Services Specialist

A team is only as great as it’s leader. Meet our security practice lead, Bryon.
Bryon Miller

Bryon M.
Information Security Practice Lead

Bryon has over 23 years of IT security compliance, auditing, business continuity, disaster recovery, physical security, and cyber security experience. As the leader of Whitehat’s security practice, he partners with our clients to develop administrative, governance, and technology solutions to meet regulatory demands and ensure alignment with industry best practices to protect the most critical of information assets.

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Markets We Serve

When it comes to managed security services, every industry requires a unique approach.
The Whitehat team expertly provides customized solutions to the following verticals:

Benefits That Matter

From streamlining IT spend to company-wide growth, our clients are able to achieve more by partnering with Whitehat.
controlled security cost

Controlled Security Costs

Our specialists begin every MSSP project with a company-wide assessment in order to prioritize our remediation efforts. Combined with fixed per user rate pricing, our clients benefit from a consistent and reliable IT spend with no surprise extras.
complete package cyber security

Complete Package

Stop managing multiple contracts with different vendors that provide only one or two solutions. With Whitehat, our clients are able to solve all of their security and compliance needs in one spot.
customized hands on experience

Customized Hands-On Expertise

Whether our client has 20 or 20,000 employees, by using a hands-on approach we’re able to provide a comprehensive security program, tailored to their unique size, risk, and industry.
untapped growth opportunities

Untapped Growth Opportunities

Partnering with a MSSP provider allows businesses of all sizes access to the same quality of resources that are usually only available to large companies. Leveling the playing field, these opportunities allow our clients to grow in ways that weren’t’ previously possible.
dedicated virtual vciso

Dedicated Virtual vCISO

Every client receives a dedicated virtual Chief Information Security Officer. The vCISO will keep all of the moving IT security parts in sync with the overarching organizational needs
long term security planning

Long Term Planning

Our solution includes an annual security calendar that identifies everything needed to stay in compliance with regulatory controls. This approach helps to ensure cross-functional support and prepares our clients for audits, examinations, and questions from external stakeholders.

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