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Work is something you do, not necessarily a place you go. Work from anywhere IT makes sense to do business. Desk optional.

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Citrix Management

Whether it’s infrastructure or expertise, managing Citrix can present unforeseen issues. We've seen it all and can provide the personnel and tools to guarantee a error-free Citrix environment.

Managed IT

For organizations maintaining their own private networks, our managed IT solutions offer a simple, worry-free way to measurably increase performance and improve business outcomes.

Cloud & Hosting

For easy, scalable access to the applications, resources, and services needed every day, we provide a fleet of productivity enhancing cloud and hosting options

Security & Compliance

Our program protects businesses by addressing the most critical components of security: information governance, business resiliency, cyber security, and professional compliance.

Is Citrix Slow?

If it takes longer than 30-seconds to log into your Citrix environment, something isn’t right. Stop accepting poor quality XenApp and XenDesktop environments and get help from the Whitehat team.

Start Optimizing

It's Time to Start Asking Different Questions

"Stop Asking What Now and Start Asking What If"

What if your computer was brand new every day? What if your computer and applications were available to you anywhere there was Internet access? What if your computers could change shape on the fly to any device, customized by how, where and when you choose to work? Would that change your experience? Would that change the way you look at “work”?

Much of an IT professionals’ time is spent asking "what now," instead of imagining "what if." Through our expert managed IT solutions we can change that.

Our Process to Managed IT Solutions

  • Analyze

    Onboarding for every client begins by assessing the existing IT environment. This will allow us to compare current performance data and organizational health to industry standards and determine the key areas for improvement.

  • Plan

    After we've analyzed current processes and fully understand the unique business challenges that need to be overcome, we then begin mapping out our benchmarks for success.

  • Implement

    Next, our consultants will implement the processes, organization, governance, and tools required to support our client's most challenging objectives.

  • Measure

    To offer peak IT support services, the last step is to evaluate. We analyze the new end user experience and compare it to our originally planned benchmarks, applying any final enhancements.

Our Goals

  • Ensure an exceptional end user experience
  • Provide the right models to efficiently manage systems and processes
  • Develop cost metrics to measure system performance
  • Transform IT into a tool that drives organizational effectiveness

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