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Overcoming Everyday IT Challenges

Powering corporate-level IT solutions can be daunting. Many companies simply don’t have the staff, resources, or IT backgrounds to implement and maintain top performing virtual environments. Sound familiar? Most of our clients face the same issues:
Insufficient staffing

Insufficient Staffing

One of the biggest challenges our clients face is not having enough highly skilled technical staff to implement and maintain cutting edge technology solutions that will keep their businesses competitive in today’s markets.
Compliance Adherence

Compliance Adherence

Adhering to ever-changing compliance regulations requires vast amounts of time and resources that can quickly become unmanageable. Every industry from the financial services sector to healthcare has specific guidelines that our clients struggle to keep up with.


Lack of Strategic IT Direction

Lack of Strategic IT Direction

Many companies know they want to improve their IT infrastructure, but aren’t sure where to start. A lack of strategic IT direction can lead to sunk costs on ill-fitting solutions, unnecessary equipment, or an unrealistic timeline and roadmap.


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Unrealized Expenses

When IT solutions aren’t installed properly, or if they aren’t compatible with preexisting systems, they often end up requiring more support and maintenance than expected. Unfortunately, these unrealized expenses can start outweighing the benefits of the technology itself.


Security Threats

Security Threats

Security threats, data breaches, malware, hackers, and system vulnerabilities can strike fear into even the most technologically savvy business owner. Today’s security issues are becoming increasingly sophisticated in a time when data is more precious than ever.


citrix performance Issues

Performance Issues

DIY and self-serve technology solutions might seem like a budget-saving option, until something goes wrong. Poor system performance can delay and interrupt the workflow or cause even more severe issues.


Our Process Sets us Apart

We don’t believe in one-size-fits all IT solutions, and neither should our clients. Whitehat builds a relationship with each client to create a managed IT support program tailored to their exact needs and goals.

Initial Assessment

  • Our initial assessment involves a detailed technology audit to understand where our clients want to go, and the types of services they should have on an ongoing basis. We help our clients prioritize the tools they need most urgently against a long-term roadmap toward their future end state.

Remediation and upgrades

Remediation And Upgrades

    • We then help our clients avoid system attacks and crashes by crafting a detailed remediation and upgrade plan that includes critical security protection, IT upgrades, as well as cloud and hosting migrations.

Security Program Implementation

Security Program Implementation

We know that our clients’ data is one of their most precious assets, so we take security and compliance seriously. Each Whitehat specialist has deep knowledge of leading security best practices and will make ongoing recommendations as new governance standards arise.

“I have not had to think about my IT since Whitehat started managing it.”

– Tom, CIO, National Services & Contracting Organization

Meet Our Team Leader

Get to know Whitehat more and meet our managed IT practice lead, Pablo.
Pablo Legorreta

Pablo L.
Principal Citrix Architect

As Principal Enterprise Architect with Citrix Systems and now at Whitehat, Pablo leads our Citrix practice working with Fortune 500 organizations in healthcare, banking, insurance, engineering, and energy verticals. Pablo is part of Whitehat’s continuing research efforts leading the development of the “living documentation” platform, self-healing automation, and leading our efforts to continuously improve customer environments and the end user experience.

Improve the End-User Experience

Our Industry Expertise

When it comes to managed security services, every industry requires a unique approach.
The Whitehat team expertly provides customized solutions to the following verticals:

Business Benefits Our Clients Count On

We believe technology should enable our clients to do more, not create extra work. Our managed IT support makes this possible by handling all aspects of security, compliance, cloud and hosting, planning, and ongoing support.
Technology That Works

Technology That Works

The best technology solutions are invisible. That means our clients’ virtual environments are never down. Their employees aren’t wasting time waiting for apps to load. And their technology integrates so seamlessly with their business processes they barely notice it. In short: we deliver technology that works.

Controlled IT Costs

Controlled IT Costs

Before we begin our managed IT support, we always work with our clients to set a budget and prioritize their remediation and upgrade path so they can plan their technology investments and costs. Because Whitehat operates on a fixed, pay per use model, there is never any pressure or surprises.

Proactive Remediation

Proactive Remediation

We help companies of all sizes stay competitive by continuously monitoring their systems and making necessary updates to avoid system or security failure. In fact, 40% of all issues are identified and resolved before end users report them. 

Premier Citrix Experts

White Glove Service

All of our solutions are fully customized. When our clients partner with Whitehat, they can expect white glove service for their very own vCIO that helps them set and achieve their technology goals. Whether they need basic system IT support or a full cloud migration, we have the tools for the job.

scalability in your IT department

Flexible Scalability

Business growth, seasonality, and changes in the market are never a hurdle for our clients. All of our technology solutions are built to accommodate growth, and agile enough to scale back when necessary. Our managed it services program adapts to our clients’ needs as they adapt their business.

Continuous Compliance Monitoring

Continuous Compliance Monitoring

Peace of mind means knowing that our technology solutions are always on par with industry compliance standards. We know compliance regulations can make or break our clients’ success so we’re constantly monitoring for updates and implementing the newest requirements.

Complete Data Security

Complete Data Security

Our clients expect top-of-the-line data security, and we wouldn’t expect anything less. Data is one of the most valuable assets in today’s economy, so we protect our clients’ business information and transactions with the most current tools to fend off hackers and malware.

Day and Night IT Support

Day and Night Support

No matter what systems our clients currently use, or where they want to go on their technology roadmap, we keep things running behind the scenes. We’re here to provide 24/7 support for Mac and Windows. When our clients partner with Whitehat, their technology works for them, not the other way around.

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