50 Reasons your Citrix is Slow eBook

50 Reasons Why Your Citrix Environment is Slow

Put a stop to lagging environments, error messages and frustrating downtime. This book will help you diagnose your Citrix issues and get you on the path to sub-30 second logins.

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What to do when Citrix makes it worse?

Congrats! You’ve successfully purchased and installed Citrix products to improve your company’s productivity and I.T. applications experience. But what do you do when the products that are meant to improve the digital workspace end up making it worse?

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50 proven fixes based on several thousand Citrix environments

We manage and guarantee Citrix performance for onsite, hybrid, and cloud deployments for several thousand Citrix users, every day.

The average login time for the Citrix deployments is 17 seconds. And the longest? Just 22 seconds.

This book is the culmination of years of practical experience determining what works—and doesn’t work—in Citrix environments.

Our experts walk through the 50 most common issues with Citrix including:

  • Hypervisor timing and XenServer outages
  • Simple misconfiguration mistakes that cause authentication issues
  • The most common replication issue between storefront config and Citrix cluster service processes
  • Troubleshooting steps to follow if your storefront servers are not syncing
  • Licensing, upgrades, maintenance and provisioning tips
  • And many, many other tips (50 in total) for stressfree and seamless Citrix application experience

Citrix Slowing you down
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