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At Whitehat we create great end user experiences across virtual, physical and mobile platforms, lowering IT support costs for business and freeing employees to consume IT services in the context they choose to be the most productive, while helping business see and manage the correlation between end user experience and productivity.

Why Whitehat?

IT services revenue Because 50% of businesses said they lose revenue opportunities because of poorly performing applications (1)

it services time Because a delay of as little as 5.1 seconds in mission crucial applications begins to cause a decline in business performance (1).

It services performance Because application performance issues can impact corporate revenues by as much as nine percent (2).

(1) Aberdeen Group (2008) “Application Performance Management: Getting IT on the C-Level’s Agenda”
(2) Aberdeen Group (2008) “The Performance of Web Applications: Customers are Won or Lost in One Second”


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it services globe Ready to build a virtualization environment that delivers an exceptional, measurable, end user experience, that balances the desire for flexibility and freedom, with the need to maintain security, retain management control, and contain costs?

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