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Overcome Day-to-Day Retail Challenges

Whether big or small, IT challenges within the retail industry can make or break a business. Here are some of the biggest offenders:
Juggling Multiple Hats

Juggling Multiple Hats

The focus of retail staffing is usually centered around delivering high-quality service. This often leaves IT administration on the shoulders of management who are already juggling multiple hats.
Failing Infrastructure

Failing Infrastructure

Many retail organizations are too busy updating their product offering and procedures that they neglect to invest in IT. Ultimately, this will result in failing infrastructure.
Customer Data Breaches

Customer Data Breaches

Safeguarding sensitive customer information is paramount to maintaining trust. Modern security threats, hackers, and data breaches make protecting data an ever-changing target.
Poor Mobility

Regulatory Compliance

Operating IT for several locations is difficult on its own, but adding government regulation to the mix can make it an overwhelming burden.
Aging Infrastructure

Poor Mobility

Retail professionals that use cellphones and tablets to deliver service need end user experience to function as promised. Without proper mobility, sales can suffer.

Outdated Technology

Reliable retail IT solutions are mission critical but outdated hardware, faulty networks, and poor system integration can hurt internal communication and point-of-sale operations.
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How We help

Stop settling for underperforming IT. Our team is able to transform headache-causing technology into a well-oiled machine. Here’s a look at how we make it happen:
  • 24-hour IT support ensures day and night hassle free network functionality, so our clients can worry about promotional goals and customer satisfaction.
  • Whitehat’s cloud computing solutions allow secure access to customer and sales data across multi-location retail facilities and users.
  • We actively monitor network security to prevent outages, data breaches, hacking, malware, and network vulnerabilities.
  • Multi-facility data management allows for large retail organizations to streamline their sensitive data and point-of-sale systems in one secure location with reliable access and speedy load times.
A good managed IT service partner can do all of these things and provide you the consulting, design and implementation assistance to get there painlessly.
We love that we can always call or email Whitehat and receive a prompt technical answer to our Citrix questions.

Joe Ferguson Senior Systems Admin
Worldwide Clinical Trials

We struggled pulling info for DSH and reached out to Whitehat. Within 30 minutes we had the team on a call and they cleared  up the confusion.

Lou Lopez Val Verde Regional Medical Center

managed IT support

Managed IT

When potential clients are on the hunt for an all-inclusive approach to retail IT services, this is the go-to option. Our managed IT offering provides everything from multi-location cloud and hosting to customer data security.
citrix IT support

Citrix Management

Citrix can be a powerful vehicle for retail transformation but without the right driver, it may not run as intended. Our managed Citrix service helps clients fine-tune their operations and get the end-user benefits they’ve been looking for.
security and compliance IT support

Security and Compliance

The Whitehat team helps our clients keep their customers safe from harm and meet regulatory demands through our managed security service. Keep reading to learn how our experts deliver peace of mind.
cloud and hosting IT support

Cloud and Hosting

Device versatility isn’t restricted to the B2B sector. Whether retail professionals need to access storefront apps and data from a desktop, mobile phone, or tablet, our cloud and hosting offering ensures dependable service.

Meet Our Retail Expert

Pablo Legorreta, Principal Citrix Architect

Pablo L.
Principal Citrix Architect

As Principal Enterprise Architect with Citrix Systems and now at Whitehat, Pablo leads our Citrix practice working with Fortune 500 organizations in healthcare, banking, insurance, engineering, and energy verticals. Pablo is part of Whitehat’s continuing research efforts leading the development of the “living documentation” platform, self-healing automation, and leading our efforts to continuously improve customer environments and the end user experience.

Embracing The Age Of Mobility

Transform Retail Service with IT

Our ultimate goal with every client is to improve customer engagements on the shop floor.
The journey we take to get there is unique to Whitehat. Here are just a few of the transformations we’ll make:

Simplified Infrastructure

Our 1st step when onboarding a new client is minimizing the needed onsite infrastructure. Simplifying IT saves our clients money on expensive support and store downtown. Often times, a 4:1 reduction.

Custom Shopping Experience

With Whitehat, clients maximize customer engagement by leveraging all endpoints from one network. Whether cash register, tablet, or mobile phone, retailers can offer a customized shopping experience.
Improved Floor Agility

Improved Floor Agility

30% of annual retail sales occur between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Scale staffing and IT infrastructure together with temporary Citrix check out stations. Our team can make it happen.

Collective Trend Spotting

With the right retail IT solutions, our clients can enable their staff across multiple locations to directly connect with each other to share feedback and trends, greatly improving in-store efforts.
Enhanced Staff Training

Enhanced Staff Training

Take store training up a notch with Whitehat. Our clients are able to deliver new content for staff training on a routine basis, keeping staff up to date and minimizing store downtime.

Reduced Transition Time

Want to improve customer experience and store revenue? By reducing the transition time between register staff by just a few seconds, the Whitehat team can deliver on both promises.

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