Building Great Virtual Desktops with NVIDIA vGPU

From seven years of successful NVIDIA vGPU VDI projects, Whitehat shares fifteen of the most common problems that consistently rob Citrix and VMware customers of the rich graphic experience they should be getting and unnecessarily inflate the cost per user 2x or more.

50 Reasons Why Your Citrix Environment is Slow

It’s time to put a stop to lagging environments, error messages, and downtime. Get the ebook and diagnose all of your Citrix issues.

5 Ways Citrix Workspace Puts User Experience First

With many workforces working remotely, IT must help them be as productive as possible while ensuring the organization’s intellectual property remains safe. A well-designed solution provides multiple safeguards while optimizing worker productivity.

Guidelines for Maintaining Business Continuity For Your Organization

With many workforces working remotely, IT must follow a robust BCP strategy and help people be as productive as possible. In conjunction with a solid BCP approach, IT also needs to quickly deploy the right technologies. Citrix Workspace ensures ongoing, seamless operations and provides secure access to apps and data on any device, over any network or cloud.

5 Steps to Improve the End User Experience & Your Bottom Line

Did you know 50% of companies are losing money due to poorly performing applications? It’s time to take control of the situation once and for all. Get the ebook and learn how to improve end user experience, boost employee productivity and by extension, profits.

The Benefits of Insight

Researching and utilizing new technology to increase productivity and enhance your bottom line can be overwhelming. Managed service providers can help reduce this burden and deliver strong returns. Learn more about gaining insight with managed service providers in our whitepaper.

12 Ways App & Desktop Virtualization is Transforming IT

Download our infographic to shed light on how VDI (Desktop Virtualization) and applications are the future of IT.


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