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As organizations prepare to support remote workforces and an influx of personal devices, it’s important to address some of the most common issues facing the modern business owner. Here are the biggest ones we see clients struggle with:
citrix infrastructure upgrade

Old Infrastructure

Many companies are still operating on outdated, bulky hardware and servers, clunky machines, and cumbersome networking systems that suck up time, money, and resources to manage and maintain.
Remote Login Access Workforce

Remote Workforce

The remote workforce can feel like a blessing and a curse. Whether traveling for work or pleasure, employees should be able to connect anywhere – which saves businesses valuable time and money – but it requires the right infrastructure to successfully do so.

lack of manpower

Insufficient Staff

Having the right people to set up and maintain cloud computing services can be one of the biggest hurdles our clients face. Insufficient staff can lead to system outages, data vulnerability, and improper cloud migration.

incomplete citrix features

Disaster Recovery

Sometimes, the unthinkable happens. After natural disasters like hurricanes and snowstorms, servers can crash and networks go down. Without a backup plan, data can be lost and businesses uptime can be halted.

complex citrix incident resolution

Compliance Issues

When handling sensitive information or hosting data in the cloud, compliance takes the forefront of our clients’ operations. However, compliance regulations and updates can be time-consuming and confusing without the right technology and staff in place.

BYOD Integration


Companies that allow employees to use their own devices often enjoy greater productivity and engagement at work but struggle to uphold the same level of security when using company-sponsored devices, making BYOD a sometimes scary situation.

Learn About Our Process

We know no two solutions are the same, which is why our clients’ cloud hosting and computing services always reflect their unique needs. We work with each client to tailor custom cloud migration and maintenance solutions.
cloud and hosting assessment

Initial Assessment

  • The Whitehat team conducts a holistic assessment of our clients’ current systems, data storage, and hosting needs. We share these results with our clients to build a short and long-term plan that fits their security, computing, and budgeting guidelines. From there we map out a path to success together.
Infrastructure Upgrade

Infrastructure Upgrade

After the assessment, our journey begins with an infrastructure upgrade. We help clients invest in the right cloud solutions to fit their business size and technology roadmap. We then consider what cloud computing services work best with our clients’ existing systems and upgrade their infrastructure accordingly.

cloud migrations and cloud hosting

Cloud Migrations

Once our clients are ready, we take care of migrating each and every piece of data, application, and work system so our clients’ employees can enjoy a smooth transition that won’t disrupt their day-to-day workflow. With our managed services, switching to the cloud is never burdensome.

citrix-managed cloud and hosting

Managed Cloud and Hosting

From there we’ll take care of the rest. Whitehat supports and maintains our clients’ cloud systems in the background like a team of invisible IT super heroes that keep everything running smoothly. Whether our clients need to scale, upgrade, fix, or downsize their solution, we’re here to take care of it.

“We are very satisfied and happy with Whitehat. The whole team has done great work for us.”

– Jim B., CEO, Law Firm

Meet Our Head of Cloud Computing

Our team looks forward to serving our clients and getting to know their unique needs. Here’s a chance to get to know us too.
Pablo Legorreta

Pablo L.
Principal Citrix Architect

As Principal Enterprise Architect with Citrix Systems and now at Whitehat, Pablo leads our cloud and hosting practice working with Fortune 500 organizations in healthcare, banking, insurance, engineering, and energy verticals. Pablo is part of Whitehat’s continuing research efforts leading the development of the “living documentation” platform, self-healing automation, and leading our efforts to continuously improve customer environments and the end user experience.

Embrace the Age of Mobility

Discover the Benefits of the Cloud

Whitehat cloud computing services allow our clients to do more. From improved performance and speed, to greater security and encryption, Whitehat’s cloud solutions are second to none. These are just a few of the features managed cloud offers.
BYOD managed IT

BYOD Freedom

Cloud-based computing gives our clients the freedom to work on the devices they feel most comfortable and confident with. Using the cloud, employees can access their apps, secure virtual desktops, files, and information on their cell phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

scalability in IT support

Robust Scalability

As our clients’ business changes, our cloud solutions are built to scale and fit their needs. Whether a company is growing or shrinking, our cloud hosting solutions adapt to accommodate. That means our clients are never paying for more than they need, or receiving sub-par performance.

Automatic Citrix Upgrades

Automatic Upgrades

The Whitehat team is continuously implementing system upgrades and scheduling automated task completions so our clients can focus on their business rather than their networks. Additionally, our managed services program allows us to time updates and system tasks to fit our clients’ natural business cadence.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Someone is always looking out for our clients’ cloud solutions. We do everything in our power to avoid data exposure and crashes, but if our clients experience a disaster, we ensure they are up and running as quickly as possible so they can get back to work with minimal disruption and loss.


Improved Performance

Cloud hosting services streamline the data flow between business applications, files, and infrastructure. Our clients enjoy dramatic performance improvements and collaboration capabilities, including reduced load time, lag, and easy file sharing.

Data security in the cloud

Data Security

There is no safer place to store information than in the cloud. Say goodbye to backroom servers that can overheat, crash, or break and hello to ultra flexible, highly encrypted cloud computing that keeps the most sensitive information protected.

Reduction in Support Costs

Reduction in Support Costs

With less hardware to maintain and automated updates included in all our standard cloud computing services, clients can expect to spend less on support costs. Prevention really is the best – and the most cost-effective – medicine.

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