Sky’s the Limit for Small and Medium Businesses Taking to the Cloud

There has been a lot of hype about cloud computing transforming the way small-to-medium sized businesses do business. Proponents of the cloud say that cloud computing has leveled the playing field, allowing SMBs to finally compete with bigger companies despite their limited financial resources and staffing. View Post

Outsourcing? How Managed Service Providers Can Save You

Almost by definition, small business owners and entrepreneurs cringe at the concept of outsourcing. Those who start their own companies like the control and autonomy it provides them. Unfortunately, that preference for control and autonomy may have some bad side-effects when it comes to IT. View Post

Top 5 Reasons Citrix is Slow

     In I50% of the Citrix environments we are called to work on, the end users are not happy. With proper care and management, Citrix is a very powerful enabling tool for business, but when things start to go bad, we hear complaints like: “Citrix is slow.”  “Printing does not work properly.” “It takes […] View Post

9 Reasons why Real Estate Firms Should Say “Yes” to Managed Services

Real estate is a very competitive and complex selling environment. There are a lot of stages in the sales and closing process, and many entities are involved in each transaction. From the online multi-list through the closing, agents rely heavily on the technology that underpins their industry. No agency can afford to be stifled by […] View Post

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Mobility and BYOD

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8 Cold Hard Truths About Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

The foundation of any successful business-continuity solution is the ability to retrieve data from any point in time from anywhere. When the topic of data recovery and business continuity comes up, you get the feeling that many decision makers at smaller businesses and organizations wish they could channel their inner six year old, simply cover […] View Post