PCs vs. Citrix XenDesktop

If you’re reading this, odds are you’re currently managing a desktop PC environment but have or are considering adopting a virtual desktop infrastructure such as Citrix XenDesktop. Or perhaps you’re trying to decide between XenApp and XenDesktop. View Post

Managing Citrix – New Model to Solve Old Problems

  Any IT professional who’s had the opportunity to manage a Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop environment understands the complexities of such a task. Precisely because of its multitude of capabilities, a Citrix environment can be a beast to manage. Profiles get corrupted, printers disappear, users are frustrated by slow response times, some applications do not […] View Post

Escape PC Refreshes with Desktop Virtualization

Did the launch of Windows 10 this past summer get you thinking about the next cycle of PC upgrades for your business? Did you get a feeling of dread thinking about the budget and time-consuming effort that goes into refreshing your outdated PCs? If so, you’re not alone. View Post

How we used Citrix Desktop Virtualization to reduce new hire onboarding time by 80%!

Do you need to bring onboard new employees and get them productive fast? Are you a business that frequently sources your hiring needs with temporary hires? If the answers are a yes, you’ll find this success story very interesting because here at the Citrix XenApp engineering offices in Ft Lauderdale, we were having the same […] View Post

Is That Email a Phishing Scheme?

Research has revealed that more than half of all users end up opening fraudulent emails and often even fall for them. Phishing is done with the aim of gathering personal information about you, generally related to your finances. The most common reason for the large number of people falling for fraudulent emails is that the phishing […] View Post

What’s new in Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.7 and 7.8?

Citrix’s recent updates to its XenApp and XenDesktop include some significant Microsoft integrations and application layering capabilities you may want to consider integrating into your Citrix environment. View Post