8 Ways to Improve the End User Experience

Have you ever asked yourself “Will this new “X” technology or delivery method make our end users more productive or reduce what it costs us to deliver technology?”  For any business, technology should be a tool that improves employee productivity. It can be easy to lose sight of what you are buying when the proposals […] View Post

5 Reasons to Move to a Managed IT Services Model

Many businesses find that they can better focus on core business strategies and market growth by transitioning their IT infrastructure to a managed IT service provider (MSP). This includes all of the day-to-day operations like business applications, maintenance, IT desk services, email services and contract management.  View Post

Why Measuring End User Experience Matters in a VDI Environment

A couple of years ago we won a bid with a large financial services organization to assist them with building out a Citrix VDI environment.  As part of the bid we recommended two additional products that would give this customer something they did not yet realize they needed which was deep visibility into their virtual […] View Post

reducing IT issues gives hospital 9 Employees at Zero Payroll Increase

How much productive time, in terms of real dollars, does a hospital or healthcare system lose due to IT issues?  That was a question we found ourselves asking for one healthcare system under our IT management.  What we discovered was a little eye opening and worth sharing. View Post

14 Ways to Fix McKesson Paragon & Citrix XenApp Performance Issues

Goliath Technologies posted the following article written the CIO of Val Verde Regional Medical Center and the CEO of Whitehat Virtual Technologies. As a Healthcare IT CIO, one of my responsibilities is to ensure that our medical staff has uninterrupted access to EHR/EMR applications in order to provide the very best patient care. This can be […] View Post

Are Your Web Properties an Easy Target?

 Web properties have evolved, and defending them is no longer just about protecting a handful of enterprise web applications. Web properties now include many diverse components, such as cloud-hosted apps, powerful APIs, and sophisticated mobile solutions. View Post

The Threat Landscape is Changing. Are you Prepared?

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are back, and attackers have a new target in their sights: your business. Modern security threats are moving up the IT stack with new risks evolving at an ever-increasing pace. To protect your business against both the classic and this latest wave of security threats, you need an ADC solution […] View Post