Microsoft Licensing for Citrix Environments

Is there anybody out there in IT land who is NOT confused by Microsoft licensing rules and options? I certainly don’t think so. Let me try to make some sense out of this mess. This is a two-part article covering the CAL options in this segment, and the various contract options in the next. View Post

Should You Allow Wearable Devices in Your IT Environment?

  Dell Mobility Enterprise Solutions Specialist Jason Moody spoke at Whitehat Virtual Technologies annual Virtualization and Mobility Expo (VMXpo) in Austin, TX last year. This is the article he wrote following VMXpo 2014: I spoke at Whitehat Virtual Technologies in Austin this week to a group of IT professionals concerned with meeting compliance standards. They have been focused on implementing new, […] View Post

4 Benefits of Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management, or MDM, is the process of using a software program to secure, manage, monitor and support mobile devices deployed across an organization. Mobile devices include but are not limited to tablet computers, smart phones, ruggedized mobile computers, mobile printers, and mobile phones. MDM includes both company owned devices and BYOD (bring your […] View Post

Are you Ready for the Cloud?

  Whitehat’s CloudOffice is the first bundle in the market to include a full suite of cloud solutions for a business all-in-one package. CloudOffice is the ultimate “Cloud-in-a-box” solution which provides users with a virtual desktop, email, applications including Microsoft Office, virtual servers, and full disaster recovery backup all for one flat rate. It’s the […] View Post

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: Revolutionizing Texas Businesses

One of the most exciting developments with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is the adoption of desktop as a premium service (DaaS) by cloud service providers (CSPs). As businesses keep on embracing the cloud, forward-thinking CSPsare looking to provide as many cloud-based solutions as possible to appeal to a wide spectrum of clients. With the addition […] View Post

Meet the Next Generation Computer – CloudOffice

  CloudOffice Whitehat’s CloudOffice is an all-encompassing Cloud solution designed for businesses with the SMB marketplace in mind. Small- and medium-sized businesses are leaders in adopting new technology and all too often that technology is priced out of their reach, but not any longer! Trends such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are compelling businesses […] View Post

In-House Exchange vs. Hosted Exchange – CloudMail

Upgrade to Microsoft Hosted Exchange without the Cost or Hassle of Buying, Setting up, and Managing Your Own in-House Servers View Post

CloudOffice – The All-in-One Solution

CloudOffice – The All-in-One Solution CloudOffice is a new approach to Business Applications and IT services. Whitehat’s CloudOffice brings the best in technology and software applications to the SMB market. Get your core line of business applications like Office 2010, Exchange 2010, SharePoint, ShareFile, and QuickBooks all for one cost effective price.   CloudOffice is […] View Post