10 Ways Having Whitehat Manage Your Citrix Environment Saves You Time

We could all use a little more time each day but time just seems to get away from us. That stuff is either very slippery or we are just all very bad at remembering where we put it.  View Post

Whitehat CEO Val King Quoted Among 33 Cybersecurity Experts in Digital Guardian Article

Val King, CEO of Whitehat Virtual Technologies was quoted in “Cybersecurity Incident Response Planning: Expert Tips, Steps, Testing & More” at Digital Guardian. Val discusses some of the steps necessary around building out a cybersecurity incident response plan,  The Digital Guardian article is available here. View Post

What is the Real Cost of Inefficient IT?

According to a recent study of 3000 employees, inefficient workplace technology dramatically decreases productivity, and drives 20% of end users to introduce their own IT solutions (and the security threats that go with them) to improve their ability to complete their work. View Post

What does a Citrix NetScaler Actually do?

In 2005 it was estimated that 75% of all Internet traffic passed through a NetScaler every day, but that has done nothing to help the confusion the average person has understanding what NetScaler’s actually do from then until now. View Post

How to Find a Competitive Advantage at the End of the PC Era

Are you riding the PC to its inevitable end or looking ahead to the platform change that is in your future?   Companies that still run entirely on physical PCs, by in large, are at a disadvantage* today vs. those that have moved to virtual desktops/VDI or cloud desktops. View Post