Fixing Citrix before it Breaks –Questions You Need to Ask

  The Aberdeen Group reported in a 2008 study that business performance starts to decline when mission-critical applications reach a baseline of 5.1 seconds of response time delay1.  View Post

3 Big Challenges to Desktop Virtualization & 6 Things You Can do

Almost every week I talk to someone in the beginning stages of a VDI project.  Although Whitehat is squarely in the virtualization business, often I find myself cautioning end users about doing a VDI deployment without doing a deep dive into the thought process and considerations that that led them to the VDI decision. View Post

Managing Virtualized Citrix: 4 Tips to Help Find the Right Tool

Trying to manage physical Citrix environments and “seeing” what is going on inside the box has always been a bit challenging.  Then the hypervisor showed up and suddenly the size, cost and consumption of physical servers no longer made sense and Citrix went virtual. View Post

6 Steps to Establishing & Measuring the End User Experience

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