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Bending IT with the Business: 8 Ways to Introduce IT Flexibility

April 24, 2020

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In general, the more flexible the IT infrastructure is, the more successful organizations are at surviving and thriving when new ways of working, like mandated work-from-home, are introduced.  Adapt or die the phrase goes.  New problems create opportunities for new solutions.  Having flexibility in IT infrastructure in real terms means organizations have a wider range of options at their disposal to meet new problems.

Rigidity in IT can be very efficient and cost effective, but trading too much flexibility for cost savings can be a trap that feels good right up until it doesn't.  With COVID-19, the road took a hard turn, and the way we work changed.

Those with flexible IT infrastructures are making that turn while those with rigid IT infrastructures, unable to turn, went straight through the barricades, over the ditch, and coming to rest in a dusty field somewhere wondering what the heck just happened.

This infographic illustrates 8-ways to introduce more IT flexibility into your organizations so you can make the next turn even if you are still scrambling to recover from the last one.  There are a lot of options today, give us a call when ready to customize something that is right for your organization.

8 ways to introduce IT Flexibility into your business with Whitehat


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