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Manage your Business Using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Manage your Business Using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is a technology thatfalse

June 2014

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Manage your Business Using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is a technology that facilitates businesses to alleviate the management issues with the security vigilance, corporate desktop fleet and end user help desk satisfaction. Today virtualization has turned out to be common place in numerous data centers because of its benefits like environmental and energy reductions, saving rack space, and easier management. Just like server virtualization, while using virtual desktop infrastructure, IT management has complete control of the end users desktops, data, and applications since they are run from the data center, yet still enabling the users to experience their own individual desktop.


One of the biggest jobs for the IT support departments is to keep the desktop systems modernized with the right versions, applications, virus clients, and other desktop settings. Generally, support personal will create an image embracing the operating system, program updates, programs, security policies, drivers, and deploy it through the business group. Creating these images can be a prolonged task, and if errors arise during the deployment, extra labor hours may be required to determine the failure point. Combine this issue with the computer systems positioned in the home offices, remote areas, across the globe or country and the labor and time can become pretty expensive.

Management Benefits

With VDI, the creation, maintenance and management is easily realized. For example, in the event of an application desktop update or issue, instead of manually creating a new image and deploying on thousands of the systems, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure images are created with the fix and quickly deployed to the end users, before your help desk becomes flooded with the end user reports of operating issues and miscellaneous errors.

For most companies, the number of operating systems, applications and configurations for the different company projects and departments can be a pretty daunting assignment. With virtual desktops, your IT can use much less time handling the desktops and more time on the new product rollouts or cost cutting initiatives.

Having your desktops hosted and facilitated from the corporate data center has other inherent advantages. Basically, servers contain storage and processors, large memory, and much support. This power is then utilized to enhance the response times and operating speeds of the applications. Having a central location that contains computing power eradicates the need to run costly desktops, helping to save on the capital expenditures. However, the end users actually perceive and use the desktop from the server, their experience is flawless!

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