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8 Benefits of Desktop Virtualization

Benefits of Desktop Virtualization

March 2014

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Benefits of Desktop Virtualization

Austin, Texas

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This technology provides for the user’s session to be run on a server in the data center rather than directly on their PC, with only keystrokes, mouse clicks and screen images being passed to the workstation. There are many benefits to this type of computing as described below:

  • Great Performance from anywhere. Since the user’s session is running on a server in the data center with only a very low bandwidth connection required, this type of computing is very fast on any type of connection, even as slow as 56KB connections. Even cellular is lightning fast.
  • Any Device. Since very little processing power is required to display the session, virtually any type of device may be used, including all PCs/Laptops, old/slow PCs, Macintoshes, Apple/Android/Windows Tablets and Smart Phones, and Windows Terminals.
  • Windows Terminals. These devices have no moving parts so they virtually never fail, plus they last for 10 years or more allowing you to skip a PC refresh cycle! They are also totally secure since no data is stored on them. You also have the ability to turn old PCs into thin clients, by having removing their disk drive and having them network BOOT.
  • BYOD. “Bring Your Own Device” is becoming very popular and this technology gives you all the capabilities to easily support this. There are even extensions that allow corporate data to be kept separate from personal data for security purposes on tablets and smart phones.
  • Data SECURITY. With desktop virtualization, the data never leaves the safety of the computer room, unless you desire to allow files to be copied to the remote workstation. This insures reliable backups, keeps data secure, and protects intellectual property.
  • The Power of the Server. Virtual desktops are lightning fast when deployed properly because they are run on very powerful servers with high-speed connections to the data storage in your data center. When more power is desired at the desktop, simply add or upgrade the servers, and everyone instantly has more power.
  • Dramatic Reduction in Admin and Support Costs. Let’s say you want to upgrade your user base to OFFICE 2012. With desktop virtualization, upgrade the applications one time on your servers, and everyone instantly sees the new version. This is far superior to any technology that pushes upgrades to the workstation.
  • Enables Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. There’s been an ice storm and no one can get to work. No problem. Have users stay home and connect to the virtual desktop with their home PC or laptop. Their session will have all their favorites and look just the same as on their primary workstation. It will also operate just as fast since very little bandwidth is required for a lightning fast connection.  
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