We're Whitehat, an Austin IT services firm. Get to know the management team that's delivering top of the line IT performance. 

Val KingVal King | President & CEO

Val is responsible for day-to-day-operations, as well as leading the company’s product development and technology strategy.  He has 15 years of sales, management and marketing experience in the technology industry with regional and national systems integrators working with SMB and Enterprise clients with a particular focus on the technology, compliance, and security needs of the financial services industry.  

Val has been a part of the “virtualization” community for over a decade, seeing first hand where virtualization technology has met with success or failure for customers.  As a result, he has become an unofficial specialist in helping organizations turn failing virtualization implementations into successful ones.  It was this insight that led to the founding of Whitehat Virtual Technologies.

“The last 18 inches between the screen and the end-user is what we call the Point of Execution, where technology either improves productivity or hinders it.  Whitehat is laser focused on identifying these obstacles and getting them out of the way of the end user experience.”



Gogi ReddyGogi Reddy | Vice President of Operations

Gogi is a technology veteran with over 16 years of experience in IT operations management, applications delivery, and research. Gogi has extensive experience setting up and leading US and offshore operations, driving sales and marketing initiatives, and closing key partner relationships. Gogi has a proven track record of managing complex globally distributed IT programs while consistently meeting and exceeding schedule and program objectives. 

At Whitehat Virtual, Gogi is responsible for all customer project management, as well as managing and leading all aspects of global operations. His responsibilities include building strong global technical and delivery teams, building a robust MSP practice, and managing multiple complex projects.

Prior to Whitehat, Gogi was instrumental in two other successful startups in conjunction with Abhijit. The first focused on an Oracle consulting practice, and second was an outsourced arm for several  social gaming companies, including Zynga and Playdom. Gogi has a Masters in Computer Information Systems  and Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering.



Abbhijit DharAbhijit Dhar | Vice President of Technical Services

Abhijit is an entrepreneur, a technologist, and an 18-year veteran of the enterprise information technology industry. He began his career in India and has worked in various organizations in various capacities, including engineering, IT support, and management. He is very knowledgeable in trending enterprise and mid-market technologies, especially in the “virtualization” and "Managed Services" ecosphere. He has extensive experience in IT process management, and has a passion for making IT simpler and more affordable.

Prior to Whitehat, Abhijit was instrumental in two other successful startups in conjunction with Gogi. The first focused on an Oracle consulting practice, and second was an outsourced arm for several  social gaming companies, including Zynga and Playdom. Abhijit has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the McCombs School of Business, and a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from VNIT, India.


Brad TrumanBrad Truman | Vice President of Sales

Brad has been involved in the IT industry since 1977, initially with Burroughs and Pr1me Computer, and then as Regional Manager for Micom Data Systems, a data communications products manufacturer. In 1987, he founded InfoLAN, a value-added resale company in St. Louis with a focus on Banyan VINES and Novell NetWare local area networking software. In 1994, the Citrix product line was added to InfoLAN’s product set, and quickly became InfoLAN’s core competency. InfoLAN was one of Citrix’s initial Platinum partners and Brad served on the Citrix Platinum executive council from 1997 through 2000.

InfoLAN eventually grew to 26 employees and $7MM in sales, and in 1999, InfoLAN was sold to Vector ESP as part of an effort to create a nationwide firm focusing on Citrix products and services. In 2004, Vector ESP was sold to MTM Technologies to further that objective. Being an entrepreneur at heart, Brad has joined Whitehat Virtual Technologies to help create a new and better focused virtualization products and services firm that is positioned to capitalize not only on the significant expertise in Citrix products that the team has, but to create offerings to take better advantage of today’s internet and cloud-centric environment both for enterprise and small business customers.