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IT Consulting Company Ready to Fix the Toughest Citrix Environment in Texas

IT Consulting Company Whitehat, is Going to Fix the Toughest Citrix Environment in Texas… for Free

August 2013

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IT Consulting Company Whitehat, is Going to Fix the Toughest Citrix Environment in Texas… for Free

Contest - Whitehat fixes most challenging Citrix environment in Texas

I am tired of going to dull trade show events where you get no value for your time and you get continuously whacked in the head with content in PowerPoint slides you could easily find without ever getting out of your chair with a search engine.   If you feel the same way, I think you are going to like what we are up to with VMXpo 2013.

We have what we hope will be a unique and fantastic event lined up for the first week of September at the AT&T Conference Center in Austin, TX.  It is a live one day event with thirteen key virtualization vendors, breakout sessions, virtualization guru Doug Brown from DABCC.com and a few other special events that we will be talking about over the next few weeks.

We could not have a great event if we did not risk embarrassing ourselves just a bit.  Maybe I should call that pushing ourselves.  Yeah, that sounds better.  To really push ourselves, though, we need you.

We seriously need your help.  We are looking for the most difficult Citrix environment in Texas.  A Citrix environment that is truly difficult, unstable or downright hairy that scares away normal IT consultants.    Yeah, that is the one we want.  We are taking nominations all Summer from all comers.  At the VMXpo 2013 event September 4th we are going to select the most difficult Citrix environment we can find that was nominated and fix it for free.

To be clear, we are not buying some lucky winner new servers or a SAN if it turns out they are dog slow.  We are however doing a full Assessment just like we would do on a normal paid Citrix IT consulting engagement to identify the issues.  We are putting our full arsenal of tools to work to crawl every corner of the network from the End User experience and applications all the way back through the datacenter.

Is Citrix or the IT environment chewing up End User productivity?  We are going to measure the experience and put metrics around it so the improvement can be quantifiably measured. 

Want to know why Citrix is slow?  How about why profiles are not behaving or why printing is erratic or maybe even why Citrix is slow in your China office but just fine in Spain?

We are going to put our best people on it and see what happens.  For better or worse.  Will we tame the toughest Citrix environment in Texas or will it tame us?  I can’t wait to find out.  I also can’t wait to see another customers ragged environment fixed.

But, before any of this can happen, we need help finding the most challenging environment in Texas.  Where is it at?  Where is the company that is experiencing maximum pain that would welcome the help?

Many people have told me I am crazy to put ourselves out there like that.  They say there are so many variables that could turn this exercise into an absolute nightmare, and you know what, they are right.  Citrix relies on eleven different systems (SAN, Active Directory, SQL, Network, hypervisor, etc.) and any one of them can send Citrix in the weeds if it is not working properly.

That is the challenge.  We are going to tackle the nastiest environment we can find.  We are putting it out there publicly.  We do great, we look good.  We get defeated, we look like goats.  High stakes technology, my favorite kind.

To pull this off, though, we need your help.  Where is it?  Where is the roughest, most difficult environment?

Help us find it.  What company deserves to have their Citrix environment fixed and rock solid again? 

IT consulting is not usually all that exciting.  IT consulting is typically not a high stakes endeavor, and certainly, exciting, high stakes technology consulting decisions never get made publicly at a trade show in Austin, Texas.

I hope you see that we are serious about making VMXpo 2013 a unique experience and will take the time to register and come see us September 4th.  Our website is loaded with details with more coming weekly, this is just the beginning.

Contest - Whitehat Fixes toughest Citrix Environment in Texas