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7 Reasons Citrix Administrators are Often Short on Citrix Knowledge

7 Reasons Citrix Administrators are Often Short on Citrix Knowledge

Putting many broken Citrix environments backfalse

December 2013

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7 Reasons Citrix Administrators are Often Short on Citrix Knowledge

citrix training Putting many broken Citrix environments back together every year lead me to ask the question “Why?”  Which led me to a short list of seven answers after some research and thought, but more input is always welcome.


  1. Official Citrix certified training can be expensive at $5,000 for a five day class and it is hard to get the budget approved for a variety of reasons.
  2. The IT department is so short on staff, that few can handle having a key resource out of the office for a week or weeks at a time to attend Citrix Training.
  3. Multiple classes are required to get a handle on the full Citrix stack.
  4. Server Administrators do not think they need training, thinking they will just “pick it up” or Google their way through problems once the deployment is complete.
  5. Once an Administrator realizes the virtual desktop (VDI) environment or the published application environment is more complex than expected, they either don’t want to or can’t raise their hands saying they need help.
  6. Poor class quality and difficulty finding a good trainer to get real value out of the training experience.
  7. Citrix/VMware/virtualization is such a small part of their IT services they can’t justify the expense.

In many cases, the time and cost of putting the Citrix environment back together is greater than the cost of the Citrix training that would have helped you avoid the remediation exercise altogether. So, what to do? The best thing I can suggest if you have Citrix but not much in the way of expertise is to first and foremost find some solid expertise that can maintain, upgrade or repair the environment to cover you while you seek out a long term solution to your Citrix knowledge gap. In addition, begin investigating various Citrix Training options. Based on feedback we've received, Whitehat has created several Citrix Training options to accomodate the needs of IT professionals. The options we've come up with satisfy both time and budget constraints. We also provide your company with the opportunity to utilize our Citrix Admins while you are busy training. If you're interested in learning more about Citrix Training, click the button below.

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