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Why does a Small Business Need IT Support?

Why does a Small Business Need IT Support?

September 2013

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Why does a Small Business Need IT Support?

IT Support in Austin, TX

IT Support in Austin TX

Today’s small businesses have more challenges than ever to overcome in the field of IT. Increased demand on workers has lead to the implementation of mobile devices and more sophisticated applications, as well as a rise in software-as-a-service programs and platforms. Unfortunately these applications also come with configuration difficulties and security risks. For small organizations that do not have the time to manage these IT challenges on their own, IT support can be tremendously important. There are several reasons why companies should retain the services of an expert technology consulting business to ensure that their infrastructures are in the best possible condition for a smoothly-running operation.

Network Health Maintenance

There are many different moving parts involved in a small business network, but if a company cannot see them it is difficult to understand how to resolve these challenges. IT support companies have comprehensive systems in place to ensure that infrastructures are always running the way that they need to be. These areas include configuring and patching Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop servers, monitoring network health, and managing client types and client setups. With this service, IT clients will not only report on what issues businesses are facing with their network, but also ensure that they get what is required for them to be resolved. Allowing specialists to manage this type of IT support will help save an organization valuable time and resources.

Full-Service IT Hosting

Running an in-house IT department requires an enormous investment of energy and money on the part of a small business. First, companies need to find at least one employee with the knowledge needed to set up, or at least maintain the system that they need. These tasks require the knowledge of how to edit configuration files and work with the platform for the system in question, whether a business is looking to maintain an infrastructure on Windows-based devices, Mac devices, or iOS tablets or smartphones. Retaining an employee with this type of knowledge usually requires a full-time salary, plus benefits, and because small businesses require a larger investment of time and effort, compensation plans may need to be more extensive.

Beyond the cost of personnel, there is also the consideration of managing hardware. Investing in servers to handle IT needs means that small businesses will also need to find space to place these servers and equipment that will keep them cool and running properly. With an IT company's full-service hosting packages, a business is able to have all of these needs managed off-site, which reduces the amount of time and energy that they need to devote to IT support and maintenance during the workday. These services also have a more flexible cost package, because companies will only have to pay for exactly the services that they need from an IT provider.

Virtualization Assistance

Virtualization is a relatively new trend that is taking the IT world by storm, but it requires business to think about several factors in a new light. According to Computer Weekly, some of the challenges involved with virtualization today are integrating workloads between servers, dealing with licensing fees involved with software platforms used for virtualization, and obtaining support for programs that will run in a totally virtualized environment. Combined with the other IT issues that smaller companies face, these challenges can be hard to tackle for a company that wants to keep their IT systems running smoothly yet does not have a vast amount of resources to invest. To minimize these challenges, it is a wise decision for a company to hire an IT support firm to build and maintain virtualization networks so that they can have full confidence in all of the virtual procedures that the organization needs to run.

Any business that wants to use Citrix or other IT systems to increase the fluidity of their network security, desktop virtualization and software-as-a-service delivery will face several hurdles to overcome. Hiring an IT support specialist will conserve resources, save time, and ensure that a business can focus its energy on the daily revenue generating activities that must be completed for the doors to stay open. Every organization needs to find as much information as possible about potential IT firms to make the final decision on which team is the best fit for their company culture and operating methods. 


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