Hosted IT Services

Hosted IT Services

From Your Datacenter to Ours:

Hosted/Cloud Datacenter Services

Your business depends on technology, but do you have to build a datacenter and own that technology equipment to realize the business benefits? 

In the past, you had to buy the hardware and software components, install them in your office somewhere, and provide competent staff to run it. Now there are other options:

  • Continue to own your equipment and run it yourself (traditional in-house).
  • Continue to own your equipment but outsource the management and operation of it (managed services).
  • Decommission your internal system and outsource the whole operation (hosting).

If you would like to read a full discussion on the PROs and CONs of each option, see our BLOG post on this subject: //




Benefits of IT Hosting

Whitehat’s Hosting option is for customers that wish to decommission their internal system and have the entire function… hardware, software, and operation… provided as a service. This is a very good choice for a company whose equipment is old and needs replacing, or that is having trouble maintaining a good IT staff, or both.

With this option, everything is provided by the IT partner. For a fixed monthly fee over several years, the partner would provide the servers, software and management of the system for you and your employees would access your system in their data center over the internet. Again, Citrix products make this virtually transparent to your users. This means no capital expenditures on hardware and software, and no IT employees to pay and deal with. This is IT as a utility, just like the phone company, and the potential benefits in reduced cost and eliminated headaches is significant. If done properly, there are no real downsides.

Today everything in your datacenter can be delivered as a hosted service.  It is as simple as subscribing to the services and applications you need, enjoying the benefits, and leaving the task of managing and supporting hardware and technology infrastructure to support specialists working 24x7x365 to make sure the technology you need is there when you need it.

There are no more servers to buy, no more IT departments to integrate.  IT simply becomes a service that can grow or contract with the needs of your business.

The distraction and cost of building, managing and supporting IT infrastructure today can be replaced by technology that just works, managed by people that are experts in managing IT infrastructure,  providing privacy, security and regulatory compliance where required, and unburdening you to go focus on building and growing your business.

Get beyond maintaining an internal datacenter. Discover how having your datacenter hosted and delivered as a service can be a catalyst for business transformation.  Continue to build your business and eliminate the maintaining your own datacenter can introduce.


Why Choose Whitehat

Get more from the money you have invested in technology by putting it in the hands of people who see technology as their business, not a cost center of a larger business. It’s time to rethink how you buy technology. Are you ready?

Let our cloud/hosting specialists talk with you, learn about your business and applications, and design an infrastructure that is right for your company today and that can scale with your future.

Our Professional IT Services include Managed IT ServicesManaged SecurityHosted IT ServicesCloud ServicesMobile Device ManagementIT ConsultingCitrix Support Services and Virtual Desktop (VDI).  

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