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Three types of Cloud Services

  • Private – In a private cloud, a company owns and has access to the applications and data. This type of cloud computing platform is implemented within the corporate firewall, under the control of the IT department which provides substantial performance and security over public clouds. 

  • Public – A Public Cloud is shared infrastructure that a lot of people utilize and is less expensive than private clouds. Amazon Web Services is currently the largest public cloud. Companies put data in public clouds they don’t mind others seeing such as websites and temporary test & development areas.

  • Hybrid – Some data that needs to remain protected or private would be in a private cloud, data that is less sensitive would go in a public cloud.  A Hybrid Cloud is a combination of both public and private clouds where the goal is to combine services and data from the two models to create an automated, unified, and well-managed computing environment. 

Benefits of having a Private Cloud

  • Companies can buy lower cost commodity storage and servers to scale their IT infrastructure at costs far lower than buying separate brand name servers and storage.  With a cloud infrastructure all resources are shared and available across the entire company so no capacity gets wasted.  Analogy: There are 3 servers in our environment that are not in a cloud architecture, so 1 server could be at peak capacity getting hammered, while the other two are doing nothing.  With a cloud architecture, all the resources are shared, so if one server was getting overloaded, it would just hand that extra capacity off to any other server or group of servers to pick up and handle until the need was met.                                                       

  • Clouds can automate many of the tasks that people are needed for today.  Today it takes two to four hours to deploy a new PC to a new employee.  With a cloud infrastructure, the process of getting a PC setup is automated, so the new PC is built automatically as soon as the request is made.  Reduces labor costs, reduces IT department staffing, improves productivity.

 Who buys cloud services?

  • Private companies that are tired of inefficient resource utilization of the expensive servers  and storage equipment they are buying.

  • Customers that need a disaster recovery site but do not want to pay double to duplicate their hardware and software in two locations. A cloud would let them put equipment in two or more locations and share it all like one big pile of technology instead of two separate environments that need to be maintained and updated separately.
  • Customers that want to control or reduce their headcount in the IT department with automation.

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