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To make data and applications more accessible to outside users, enterprise organizations need to bridge their datacenters transparently to the cloud. Citrix® NetScaler® Cloud Bridge™ does this by serving as the “back door” of the corporate datacenter, providing access to the infinite capacity of the cloud. By aggregating the addressability and manageability of the on–‐premise and cloud provider networks into a Service Delivery Network (SDN) fabric, Cloud Bridge makes cloud–‐hosted applications appear to administrators, tools and even the applications themselves as though they are running on the enterprise network. Cloud Bridge benefits enterprises by enabling them to:

  • Use the cloud to cut their costs and meet business requirements more quickly by tapping the infinite capacity and elastic efficiency of the cloud elastic and cost effective cloud capacity for web and app servers.
  • Use the cloud, but still keep data and other sensitive resources safely within the enterprise datacenter.
  • Use the cloud, without having change applications to interact with a different network, or alter end–‐user behavior as application capacity is moved to the cloud NetScaler Cloud Bridge provides the foundation for making the cloud a seamless extension of the enterprise data center.

Private and public clouds can, and often should, coexist. Enterprise organizations do not want to abandon their datacenters and move everything to a public cloud. The majority of their IT infrastructure still remains behind the corporate firewall. At the same time, many enterprise organizations don’t want to miss out on the unique benefits offered by public clouds. Private clouds offer control, but cannot offer enterprises the pay–‐as–‐you–‐go cost model under which public clouds can provide large amounts of temporary capacity. The result is typically a hybrid cloud strategy.

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Whether enterprise IT selects a public, private or hybrid cloud model, there is a key element that is common across all scenarios: the enterprise datacenter. There are some challenges involved in integrating the datacenter with a cloud strategy:

  • Data security and compliance: the connection of the datacenter to the cloud could expose sensitive corporate data to the open Internet…
  • User transparency: moving or bursting compute into the cloud can be confusing and can interrupt work if users need to be aware of the location.
  • Seamless network connectivity: applications must be able to keep running no matter how the actual topology of the networks changes

NetScaler Cloud Bridge satisfies the enterprise’s need to combine datacenter security with cloud elasticity and economics by making cloud–‐hosted applications appear as though they are running on one contiguous enterprise network. With Cloud Bridge in place, administrators, users, tools and the application itself believe that the application resides on the enterprise network.

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