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50 Reasons Why Your Citrix Environment is Slow

50 Reasons Why Your Citrix Environment Is Slow

It's time to put a stop to lagging environments, error messages, and downtime. Get the ebook and diagnose all of your Citrix issues.

BYOD: Revolutionizing Your Business


Unchain your employees from their desks with a bring your own device policy. The benefits of BYOD go far beyond enhanced employee productivity and increased company profitability. Rethink your IT plan by downloading the whitepaper.

Embracing the Age of Mobility


Are you responsibly ushering in BYOD with safety, security, and long-term adaptability in mind? Get the ebook and learn the 5 actionable best practices for implementation to ensure a safer and smoother transition. 

10 Reasons to Move to the Cloud


Remove the burden of IT monitoring and maintenance by harnessing the power of the cloud. Download the whitepaper and discover what's waiting for you. 

Compliance in the Cloud


If you're storing confidential information in the cloud without the right systems in place you could be opening your business up to device theft, unauthorized access, data loss, and hacking. Get the whitepaper and learn how to safeguard your most critical assets. 

Upgrade Guide: Citrix 4.5 - 6.5


Citrix 4.5 is at the end of its life but many companies still need to make the switch. If you're undecided on which upgrading method will be the best fit for your organization, this guide is for you.

5 Steps to Improve the End User Experience & Your Bottom Line


Did you know 50% of companies are losing money due to poorly performing applications? It's time to take control of the situation once and for all. Get the ebook and learn how to improve end user experience, boost employee productivity and by extension, profits.

The 5 Benefits Of Desktop Virtualization

5 benefits of desktop virtualization

Technology is driving the market toward the virtual desktop. Learn about the advantages of this developing industry trend and stay ahead of the pack. Step into the virtual world and download the whitepaper now.

Choosing Your Cloud: Public, Private, Or Hybrid?

cloud public private or hybrid

Make certain your cloud solution isn’t a thunderstorm. Our experts dive deeper into the cloud computing revolution and deliver the five most critical decision criteria you should consider when migrating to the cloud. 

10 Industries That Can Benefit From The Cloud

Cloud Desktop

How can working in the cloud take your business to the next level? Examine how cloud technology benefits these 10 industries and apply these lessons to your goals. Download the whitepaper today to get started.

Why The Cloud Is Green

cloud is green

Reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions, and paper usage by implementing cloud technology. Learn how using the cloud can enhance your business practices and support green initiatives. Download our whitepaper today.

14 Tips To Fix McKesson Paragon & Citrix

14 tips to fix mckesson paragon and citrix

Take a proactive approach regarding your end user’s experience by staying ahead of technological issues. The average end user will deal with issues 8 times before alerting IT, with this mind, learn 14 tips to solve these issues before they burden your end users in our whitepaper.

Cloud For Healthcare

cloud computing austin tx cloud services

Uncover the risks and rewards that accompany innovative technologies like virtualization and the cloud. Data security and accessibility are primary concerns for the healthcare industry as they navigate cloud services. Learn how the cloud can benefit healthcare businesses and avoid pitfalls in our whitepaper.

In-House VS. Hosted Exchange

In House VS Hosted Exchange

What kind of Exchange does your business use to host its data? Determine the best solution for your business by comparing in-house vs. hosted Exchange solutions in our whitepaper. Download today to get started.

Enabling Self-Service For The Business IT User

Enabling-Self-Service-For-The-Business-IT-User Webinar

Continue to improve the experience for IT users in business with our webinar. Don't Miss Out, be sure to watch this download today.

Get an Overview Of VDI-IN-A-BOX


With this datasheet learn with VDI-in-a-box is and how it can benefit your business. Get your datasheet today and go from zero to production in under an hour!

Learn How CLOUDGATEWAY Is Simplyfing IT Managment, Enabling BYOD And Improving The End User Experience


Step into the future of IT with the power of Citrix CloudGateway. Embrace BYOD with full IT control and publish your applications, SAAS, and mobile apps from one place. Download our whitepaper to get started.

Decrease The Risk Of Data Loss


With the adoption of new data technologies the risks and rewards of these advancements are not always clear. Learn about these risks and how your business can minimize data loss with managed services.

Persistent VS Non-Persistent VDI (AND WHY IT MATTERS)


Don’t waste time and money on your virtual desktop Infrastructure. Determine whether persistent or non-persistent virtual desktops work best for you from the start.  Download our free whitepaper to get started.

5 Application Managment Mistakes That Doom VDI Projects


Successfully utilizing a VDI project relies heavily on applications. Do you have an application management strategy? Learn the top 5 application management mistakes with our free ebook and avoid these pitfalls today.



Researching and utilizing new technology to increase productivity and enhance your bottom line can be overwhelming. Managed service providers can help reduce this burden and deliver strong returns. Learn more about gaining insight with managed service providers in our whitepaper.



Join Thomas Poppelgaard as he shares his vision of the future that includes advancements in the cloud, mobility, and virtualization. Learn alongside industry professionals to gain new insight and stay ahead of the trends.



Download our infographic to shed light on how VDI (Desktop Virtualization) and applications are the future of IT.



Looking to accelerate your Windows desktop migrations. Learn the key areas of focus to streamline your process in the free whitepaper.


Graphics & Virtualization

Join Thomas Poppelgaard as he shares his vision of the future that includes advancements in the cloud, mobility, and virtualization. Learn alongside industry professionals to gain new insight and stay ahead of the trends.