Client Portal

Client Portal

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Whitehat Virtual Technologies customers now have a powerful web portal that allows them to collaborate with Whitehat Virtual’s service team on tickets and projects, service desk operation, and even portal administration tasks.

The Client Portal Allows for a Tighter Customer/Consulting Partner Relationship.

Through the Whitehat Virtual Client Portal customers can partner with Whitehat in setting priorities, reviewing work status, and evaluating goals. Our customers can submit tickets directly into our Service Desk system, which means that our support staff does not have to copy and paste the issue from an email, or transcribe a phone call, saving you a step and improving accuracy.

Customer Project Collaboration

The Whitehat Virtual Client Access Portal also provides a secure, view-only, way for our customers to see their projects. Clients can review the status of work in progress, the percentage of work complete, the hours spent, team contacts, the project calendar, and more. For projects that have customer owned task and Whitehat Virtual owned tasks, both teams can update certain project information, based on security roles so that Whitehat or client-side Project Managers can view the entire project through a single pane of glass.

Customer Run Client Access Portal Reports

Instead of customers waiting for Whitehat to run reports and email them, the Client Access Portal allows customers to login and run their own reports when it best suits their needs. Ticket Detail and Summary reports, Invoice reports showing all invoices for that customer and Block Hours report that shows block hour usage are all available.

Whitehat Virtual is focused on helping our client businesses deliver an exceptional end user experience to their end users. The Whitehat Virtual Client Portal is our first attempt at trying to create that exceptional experience for the IT and operations teams we work with as well.


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