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Solving Every Day Citrix Issues

We encounter a wide variety of issues when solving our clients' security headaches.
However, across all industries and company sizes a few stand out as repeat offenders. Do these ring a bell?
citrix infrastructure upgrade

Infrastructure Upgrade

Clients who need to upgrade their infrastructure will often face complex challenges getting Citrix running as intended. The application must be supported by an extremely stable backend in order to work.
poor citrix end user experience

Poor End User Experience

An unsatisfying Citrix experience can stem from many factors external to the app itself. Issues with Citrix can often be traced to SQL, mass storage, Active Directory, and more.
lack of manpower

Lack of Manpower

IT departments are often stretched thin. Our clients often find themselves without a team large enough to support a Citrix deployment, or with a team that has no native Citrix experience.
incomplete citrix features

Incomplete Features

Commensurate with a lack of manpower, both large and small companies have difficulties realizing the full Citrix feature-set. Small companies can’t afford to train their staff on every feature, whereas large companies may simply overlook the issue.
complex citrix incident resolution

Complex Incident Resolution

Teams often face technical challenges with Citrix due to infrastructure issues, or personnel challenges due to siloed IT departments. No matter the reason, it can be frustrating to find the source of problems amidst a thicket of potential causes.
citrix overload

Citrix Overload

Companies running multiple Citrix servers or many Citrix images will often have implementations that are slow or buggy. This stems from configuration differences between servers, or simply from having an unmanageable number of VMs.

A Look At Our Process

By assuming responsibility for both support and delivery, our Citrix managed services remediates client issues, no matter the source.

Citrix Assessment

  • After a detailed assessment, Whitehat may determine that a remediation approach, using a Deskbloxx appliance to bypass infrastructure, may be warranted. Alternatively, a Citrix managed services approach can make up a skills gap on the client side
program management


    • Deskbloxx is a self-contained appliance that contains the components required for Citrix to run well. It doesn't rely on client infrastructure, meaning that the client can stave off costly upgrades while still enjoying the full suite of Citrix applications.
citrix managed services

Citrix Managed Services

This approach helps overcome any potential downsides from a smaller or more siloed IT organization. Instead, our team delivers the Citrix implementation and also provides on going control and monitoring.

“I have not had to think about Citrix since Whitehat started managing it.”

- Tom, CIO, National Services & Contracting Organization

Get to Know Our Citrix Specialists

One part process and one part expertise, the Whitehat team offers the best of both worlds.
Pablo Legorreta

Pablo L.
Principal Citrix Architect

As Principal Enterprise Architect with Citrix Systems and now at Whitehat, Pablo leads our Citrix practice working with Fortune 500 organizations in healthcare, banking, insurance, engineering, and energy verticals. Pablo is part of Whitehat’s continuing research efforts leading the development of the “living documentation” platform, self-healing automation, and leading our efforts to continuously improve customer environments and the end user experience.

Shawn Maiberger

Shawn M.
Enterprise Architect

As a former Citrix consulting professional, Shawn’s experience stems from Citrix’s enterprise mobilization stack, including persistent and non-persistent XenDesktop solution design, XenMobile MAM and MDM design and rollout, XenApp and App-V app delivery, PVS and print design and delivery. He has used these skills to design and implement enterprise-scale solutions for organizations that share the vision of allowing users to be productive from anywhere, on any device.

Jason M.
Virtualization Solutions Architect

Jason drives our healthcare vertical, having designed, managed, and implemented XenApp, XenDesktop, Netscaler, and XenMobile for 10,000+ seat environments, with particular skill in EMR applications deployed via Citrix. 

5 Reasons
Citrix is Slow

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Benefits That Matter

We orchestrate software, hardware, and personnel into one holistic solution that guarantees a headache-free Citrix environment.
Reliable Scalability

Reliable Scalability

Our managed Citrix offering can be scaled infinitely down or up (to over 30,000 users with Simple Citrix infrastructure). This allows our clients to alter their Citrix implementation without any interruption in service.
zero disruption hyper focused

Zero Disruption

Our hyperconverged appliance is faster and smoother, with extremely high uptime. Elimination of silos means that Citrix implementations are more resilient, and can't be disrupted by infrastructural or organizational changes.
Cost-Effective Citrix Management

Cost-Effective Management

An optimal Citrix environment running on commodity hardware allows IT organizations to cut costs. Billing is consistent—clients receive a monthly IT spending report with no hidden items.
Premier Citrix Experts

Premier Citrix Experts

Whitehat's Citrix consulting services are powered by deep expertise within the field. As a Citrix partner our technicians can help with every aspect of your environment from deployment to ongoing maintenance.

external safeguards

External Safeguards

Poor user experiences with Citrix can only be traced directly to the application about 30% of the time. Therefore, Whitehat doesn't just manage Citrix—we'll also control and monitor the external factors which affect its performance.
proactive remediation

Proactive Remediation

For maximum usability, Citrix consulting can't just be reactive—it must be proactive. Whitehat's advanced monitoring solutions allow us to find and remediate Citrix issues quickly. In fact, 40% of tickets are fixed before the end user realizes there's an issue.
Flexible Citrix Controls

Flexible Citrix Controls

The extent to which clients can manage their own Citrix implementation is entirely up to them. Clients with internal IT teams may wish to take on some management responsibilities, while others can rest assured that the Whitehat team will keep Citrix running under nearly any eventuality.

Free Upgrades For Life

At Whitehat we're always on the hunt for new end-user performance improvements. Without skipping a beat, we're able to provide our clients with continuous Citrix upgrades for life.

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