VMXpo 2014 -- Austin, TX
Citrix XenMaster Contest 


We have a special head to head contest for Citrix XenApp Experts at VMXpo 2014 on October 7th at the AT&T Conference Center in Austin, TX. 

The Citrix XenMaster Wins:

  • Official XenMaster Title
  • Citrix XenMaster Trophy
  • $500 Visa Gift Card

Think you're a pretty good Citrix engineer? Ready to show off your skills after all of those long hours spent studying for exams and working on Citrix issues long into the night?  Are you ready to see how your skills stack up to your peers?  Then the Citrix XenMaster contest might just be your opportunity to show off your skills, pad your resume, and declare yourself the undisputed Citrix heavyweight champion of Texas.   

Several identical Citrix XenApp farms, one per contestant, will be setup that are all broken in a variety of ways with issues ranging from very simple to very complex.  While Citrix XenApp can touch a variety of different sub systems (SAN, Active Directory, the network, hypervisor, etc.) the issues themselves will all be contained within XenApp 6.x to keep the contest as straightforward and consistent as possible.

Exact specifications of each individual but identical farm will be published and provided the morning of the event with passwords and login details.  The broken Citrix XenApp farms will be local to the venue and each will be directly connected to their respective farm. The contestants will have a set amount of time to resolve as many issues as possible. The winner will be the Citrix engineer that resolved the most issues in the time available.

Each contestant will have a standard console setup with the addition of simple cameras to catch the action.  Everything the contestants do will be visible on individual 60" monitors mounted near each station so that we have a true spectator sport for the other attendees of VMXpo 2014.

Depending upon the final number of participants, there will be between one and three rounds to complete of increasing difficulty to ultimately identify and crown the Citrix XenMaster. In the event of a tie, additional rounds will be held to decide the ultimate winner.

The last man or woman standing will be crowned Citrix XenMaster, The winner will be awarded the official Citrix XenMaster trophy and receive a VISA Gift Card valued at $500.  

This should be great fun...

This contest is open to anyone who registers for VMXpo 2014 and wants to participate with the exception of Citrix Systems employees or employees or contractors of any Citrix partner.

Registration closes for the XenMaster contest on October 4th, 2014 at 2pm.  

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