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VMXpo 2014 Citrix Training Classes


Citrix Troubleshooting 101


This class is offered at: TBD

Citrix touches 11 different subsystems in your IT environment, and it is many times quite difficult to determine where the real problem is. Our experience shows that Citrix is at fault about 20% of the time. This Citrix Training session will show you the best ways to troubleshoot Citrix problems and what tools will really help you do it. Some of the items we will look at during this session are:

  • IMA Service fails to start
  • Qfarm load and what it means
  • Printers not being auto-corrected
  • Cannot log into appcenter console
  • Unable to launch an application from Web Interface/Storefront
  • Protocol Driver Error
  • Could not contact server after launching application in Web Interface/Storefront
  • Improper Application Load Balancing
  • Tools to assist in troubleshooting the environment

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The MCS vs PVS Debate: Which One is Better?

This class is offered at TBD:

There have been many discussions on which technology is better - MCS or PVS. PVS was released first and many admins are comfortable using that method. MCS has recently been introduced by Citrix as a new technology and some are wondering if it is worth a look. In this class, we will look at both technologies to find out which one is better as far as simplicity, speed, scalability, and manageability. We will also cover what consultants have seen in the field as far as each of these technologies and how you can choose the "best one" for your environment. Some of the items we will look at during this session are:


  • When to use cache to memory
  • How to speed up MCS
  • Is PVS going away?
  • Should thin provisioning be used with a disk write cache?
  • Should intermediate buffering be used?


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Ken Avram - Citrix Certified Instructor

Ken Avram, one of Whitehat's Managing Consultants, is also a Citrix Certified instructor, and has been for the last 8 years. In addition to setting up and running the Citrix XenMaster contest, Ken will provide these FREE Citrix Training in two very valuable 45 minute classes right here in Austin, TX.