Are you Ready for Virtual Desktops (VDI)?

How much is VDI going to cost?  Will virtual desktop performance be acceptable?  What hardware will we need?  How many desktop images will we have to support?  Can we afford it?

These are just some of the questions we hear from companies as they begin to explore virtual desktops for their organization and Whitehat has developed our Desktop Virtualization Assessment to answer these questions and more before the first dollar is spent of desktop virtualization infrastructure. 

The process of virtualizing desktops is a complex undertaking that involves many disciplines. Desktop Virtualization adoption has been limited by slow planning cycles and manual needs assessment processes that do not do a sufficient job of identifying all of the risks or the overall "mystery" in completing a successful VDI project.

Whitehat’s Virtual Desktop (VDI) Readiness Assessment determines your organizations’ VDI readiness across the 11 different areas that you need to see and understand before you determine your VDI project budget or your VDI project begins.

The Virtual Desktop (VDI) Readiness Assessment addresses these important areas:

  • VDI Capacity Planningvirtual desktops vdi readiness assessment
  • Virtualization Modeling
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Migration Planning
  • Storage throughput
  • Space Planning
  • Power Planning
  • Firewall and Latency Analysis
  • User and Application Behavior Analysis
  • Pooled Desktop/image Planning
  • Application Virtualization Compatibility Analysis


Our interactive assessment involves meetings with stakeholders and end users to review and determine optimal candidates for VDI, and what candidates might be more suited to other forms of desktop and application delivery.

This Virtual Desktop (VDI) Readiness Assessment includes a written report detailing the state of readiness and steps necessary to move forward with a VDI initiative complete with image assessment, host server VM density and hardware requirements.


Whitehat's Virtual Desktop (VDI) Readiness Assessment Benefits

  • Defines virtualization-ready desktop assets
  • Reveals VDI opportunities in the Enterprise
  • Estimates potential cost savings of implementing VDI
  • Estimates necessary hardware and software requirements


By separating out the actual physical location of the desktop from the end user access point, VDI makes it possible for end users to access a uniform and consistent version of their specific desktop from anywhere.


Why Choose Whitehat

Because a VDI environment is only as good as the performance it delivers and the number of end users that adopt the technology, regardless of the cost.  Whitehat builds virtual environments with tools and metrics that keep the end user experience firmly in focus and gives the business the tools it needs to measure performance and productivity ongoing.  You will have not only a great VDI environment, but a great VDI environment that delivers consistent measurable results with clear ties to productivity metrics to measure and see your ROI in real terms, every day.

Whitehat will then provide the guidelines, documentation and a recommended implementation strategy plan for your company to move forward with your VDI deployment.

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