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Whitehat Virtual Technologies Announces Graphics Virtualization Roadshow in Four Major Texas Cities

Posted by Jessica Adams on Jun 30, 2016 11:03:08 AM

Whitehat Virtual Technologies Announces Graphics Virtualization Roadshow in Four Major Texas Cities


 Austin, TX (PRWEB)

Application and desktop virtualization specialist, Whitehat Virtual Technologies (Austin, TX), recently announced a four- city roadshow to be offered in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, & Houston during the week of April 21st, 2014. Each session will be held from 8:00AM until noon, and will feature presentations by Thomas Poppelgaard, as well as extensive live demonstrations over the cloud and with local equipment. There will be plenty of opportunity to get hands-on access to the demonstration equipment for personal evaluation. 

Poppelgaard is a technology evangelist and subject matter expert in remote graphics and helping companies virtualize 2D/3D graphics in the cloud for customers around the world. He specializes in how CAD/CAE/CAM/entertainment/media applications can be virtualized with Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft SBC/VDI technologies with NVIDIA and AMD offerings, and has worked extensively with Citrix HDX 3D Pro since 2008. In 2011, he was one of the organizers of a successful event where vendors including Citrix, HP, Autodesk and NVIDIA were gathered to demonstrate HDX 3D Pro to a wider audience, and in 2013, he spoke at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference and on a Webinar at Citrix HQ for global markets.

The roadshow sessions will focus on improving graphics application performance for designers, power users, and knowledge workers. Being remote from the workstation or the applications is no longer an issue, and the Whitehat cloud demonstration will illustrate that. The sessions will also address the return on investment (ROI) aspects of the solution, and show how the cost per user can be brought down dramatically through NVIDIA’s new vGPU sharing capability without sacrificing local or remote performance.

"Virtualizing complex graphic applications has been a major challenge for Citrix since the technologies inception. With Citrix HDX and NVIDIA’s vGPU technology this can be done effectively,” said Val King, CEO of Whitehat Virtual Technologies. “This technology enables quality graphics to all users as well as high-end 3D graphics for professional users who depend on rich graphics capabilities to do their job. Server based computing can now handle a much wider array of end users, extending the opportunity for superior performance to any device, anywhere.”