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Whitehat Virtual Technologies Announces Cloud Services - Customized Private and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Designed for Maximum Efficiency

Posted by Jessica Adams on Jun 30, 2016 10:59:39 AM

Whitehat Virtual Technologies Announces Cloud Services - Customized Private and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Designed for Maximum Efficiency

Texas-based Whitehat Virtual Technologies announces customized private and hybrid cloud infrastructure services, bringing enterprise-level operations with maximum efficiency to businesses of all sizes. Whitehat’s cloud services provide e-mail access through hosted Microsoft Exchange, full hosted Desktop as a Service (DaaS), and cost-effective disaster recovery through cloud supplementary storage.

CloudDesktop.pngAustin, TX (PRWEB)

White Virtual Technologies announces a full suite of customizable cloud infrastructure services for medium and enterprise-level companies.

These services include:

  •     CloudMail: e-Mail access through hosted Microsoft Exchange
  •     CloudDesktop: Full hosted Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
  •     CloudRecovery: Cost-effective disaster recovery (DR) through cloud storage
  •     CloudOffice: A combination of the three services above
  •     CloudServer: General server hosting

Cloud infrastructure makes all resources available and shareable to the entire company from any device. Employees can work anywhere and at any time, allowing for smooth continuance of operations even during times of disruption at the workplace or workplace accessibility. "Whitehat cloud is a fully integrated enterprise cloud that allows you to virtualize business-critical applications and desktops seamlessly- with high service levels, secure access and less complexity. Every business is unique; therefore when it comes to building your cloud infrastructure, Whitehat ensures that it is built to meet the exact requirements of your business, not only today, but the scalability of our cloud solution will meet your demands far into the future." - Goggi Reddy, VP-Operations Whitehat Virtual Technologies.

Private clouds enhance performance and security, provide a universal format for updates, increase ROI, and maximize the efficiency of infrastructure hardware so that no infrastructure capacity is wasted. Hybrid clouds combine the features of private and public clouds at a lower cost and are appropriate for less-sensitive data. Companies may structure their cloud through Whitehat as private, hybrid, or a combination of both, internally sharing infrastructure resources within their company.

Efficiency benefits of cloud-based infrastructure through Whitehat:

  •     Task Automation
  •     Ease of adding new PCs to the network
  •     CloudDesktop structure makes applications, content, and data available anytime, anywhere,    and on any device
  •     Maximizes use of available infrastructure capacity
  •     Flexible, scalable model allowing for up- or down-scaling
  •     Pay-as-you-go, no long-term contract
  •     Budgetable monthly expense

Cost-efficiency is improved with cloud infrastructure, automation many tasks that might otherwise require hours of IT labor costs, freeing technicians for activities more directly involved in the company's bottom line. Because infrastructure is hosted off-site, IT staff can direct their energies to value-added tasks, such as planning and development rather than losing time tinkering with minor hardware or system glitches. This may allow for reduction in IT technical personnel.

Data backup and disaster recovery becomes more cost-effective and secure, with automatic backup of data in two separate remote locations. Whitehat infrastructure services are designed to be modifiable and flexible, fully scalable both up or down, with a pay-as-you-go model that meets the changing needs of all sizes and types of organizations.

Whitehat’s state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, which uses premier names such as Cisco, VMware and NetApp, also tightens security and allows many operational benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  •     Firewalls with encryption
  •     Advanced around-the-clock monitoring
  •     Rapid and easy disaster recovery
  •     Customer support 24/7, 365 days per year
  •     Easy expansion (or contraction) of services to meet changing needs

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