Managed Services Readiness Assessment

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Managed Services is accomplished by having a specialty firm like Whitehat Virtual remotely manage and administer your IT system with its staff. This takes the burden off of your company to maintain an expensive IT team, plan personnel backup for vacation and sickness absences, and to assure that the proper expertise is always available to quickly and effectively manage the IT functions of your organization.

This assessment reviews and assesses the technological, procedural, and personnel interface aspects of a managed services installation, to make sure that this service can be implemented effectively and achieve the desired results.

These are the steps we take to determine if you are ready for managed services.

  1. The first step is to assure that your IT system is up-to-date and running correctly.
  2. Some remediation work is generally needed to accomplish this.
  3. Then you and the Whitehat team would meet and determine exactly what functions are to be managed, and then formulate a “run book” that is the operations “Bible” for the service.
  4. Final, a plan is devised to instruct your employees in the best way to use and interface with the management services provided. Once implemented, your staff will look to Whitehat’s managed services team as their IT department.