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Why You Need Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Why You Need Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Many multinational companies have deployed virtual desktop false

July 2014

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Why You Need Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Many multinational companies have deployed virtual desktop infrastructures. Benefits these companies received after deploying a virtual desktop infrastructure are: simplification of administration, reduction of management chores, and operating costs without hurting the safety and maintenance of the IT systems. As its name suggests, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, allows you to run desktop operating systems in virtual machines that exist on servers that are present in their data center. The desktops that run inside virtual machines are termed as virtual desktops. Users using remote display protocol access their respective virtual desktops and desired applications. All the installed applications are centrally managed on one server. Users can access them from their local systems anytime. Every controlling system is centralized and data is safe at one place. It is an out of box infrastructure solution that eradicates the risk of conventional solutions, variable performance and high cost.


Before Virtual desktops, there were Terminal Server Desktops in which you could not customize desktop. Everyone needed to use the same applications and icons. Users used to lose all the data, bookmarks and favorites once it logs out from the system. Industries were looking for a better solution and they got VDI, a solution that is better in many ways over the Terminal Server Desktops. Here are some of the benfits of VDI:

--Users are connected to desktop features of a particular virtual machine without affecting on any other desktop of the server.

--Only one system to troubleshoot, no matter what the problem is or how big the problem is. 

--Quick reset/restore option is available in case of a problem with updating.

--As said earlier all the desktops are managed centrally.

--It gives the control of the data security to the company. Locking down of images is allowed and copying of data from the image on local machines is prevented. Telecom companies are in greater benefit with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure as their entire data gets stored in main servers instead of each device protecting valuable data.

--Longer lifespan of clients’ PCs as they use less amount of electricity.

--Reduction in the cost of hardware parts and devices.

--As VDI servers are often managed in the data centers, all the installation, updating and patching processes are performed in the data center.

Many companies have this question in mind that whether they’ll be benefitted from VDI or not as much storage space if needed to put everything at one place and higher performance power supply is alsorequired. Here are some tips that might help you in your decision making:

1 You have users agreeing on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). They do not have a problem in working from remote locations and remote access to the data.

2 You are dealing with crucial data and documentation compliance in particular whoses ecurity is a significant concern for you.

3 Your wish to have a common desktop experience.

4 You require business stability and maximum agility.

5 You want to concentrate on more important things of your business and get rid of hectic desktop management issues and upgrade headaches.

6 You are dealing with a personnel composed of employees, contractors and clients.

If you find familiarity in any of the above mentioned points then choosing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure might be the solution for you.

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