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Virtual Servers - How the Cloud Can Save you Money

Virtual Servers - How the Cloud Can Save you Money

January 2015

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Virtual Servers - How the Cloud Can Save you Money

Austin, Texas

Multiple TCO analysis have shown that the cost of managing and maintaining hardware ends up being more costly than moving to a cloud model. 

Infrastructure as a Service eliminates the need to spend capital on upgrading physical hardware and moves into an operating expense model. All hardware is virtualized and delivered as a service on a per month subscription rate. The consumer does not manage or control the underlying cloud physical infrastructure but has control over operating systems, storage, and applications. Your customer accesses their application via a secure Internet connection.


Scalability: Organizations can easily add or remove or adjust virtual servers as needed.
Technology Refresh: Moving servers to hosted allow you to eliminate upgrading hardware every 3 years.
High-End Hardware: Backed by NetApp storage, Cisco UCS network & compute, VMware Hypervisors, and a true 10Gb network backbone to link it all together, CloudServer employs the best-in-breed hosting platforms in a fully redundant configuration to ensure the highest level of service availability possible. 
Cost-Effective: Users can switch to thin client/zero client which helps provide organizations with an ROI.

Who is a Good Fit?

  • Any customer running applications on 
    physical or virtual servers
  • Companies needing flexibility in 
  • Companies that are rapidly growing or
  • Companies that want to take advantage 
    of enterprise-level hardware
  • Companies with limited capital
  • Companies with compliance needs
  • Companies looking to move their infrastructure to a secure environment
  • Companie

Traditional In-House Servers



Qualifying Questions

• How many physical servers do you have?
        o Is any of the hardware due for an upgrade?
• How many of your servers are Virtual?
        o What Hyper-Visor are you running?
• What Operating System are you running?
• What are the server specifications? (CPU, RAM, Storage)
• What critical applications are you running? Such as: Exchange, SQL, CRM or accounting? 
• Does your organization have any Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan in place?
• What happens today if a server goes down?
• Is your organization strapped for capital?

Ready for CloudServer?

CloudServer is based off of enterprise-class infrastructure at a fraction of the costs with 24x7x365 friendly and reliable support. We care about your business’ uptime objectives and security, which is why Whitehat has worked hard to become a leader in CloudServer. With your applications built into a private cloud environment that includes encryption, firewalls and advanced around-the-clock monitoring, they will remain safe and secure. Operate worry-free, knowing that you always have Whitehat’s support.

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