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Aternity: How to Find Lost Revenue in the End-User Experience

Brad Truman, March 28

Can you find revenue by measuring application performance and improving the end user experience?

If you are like...

Fixing Citrix before it Breaks –Questions You Need to Ask

Val King, February 25


The Aberdeen Group reported in a 2008 study that business performance starts to decline when mission-critical...

6 Steps to Establishing & Measuring the End User Experience

Val King, February 3

Proactive IT Services: 11 Differences Between Aternity & Citrix EdgeSight

Val King, January 23

IT Services Houston

Proactive IT Services: 11 Differences Between Aternity and Citrix EdgeSight

Aternity is the...

4 Ideas to Solve the Visibility Gap Between Citrix EdgeSight & VMware vCenter

Val King, January 20

With the Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 End of Life date fast approaching (March 31, 2013,) many customers are...

8 Big Changes in Citrix VDI-in-a-Box version 5.2 Just Released

Val King, January 9

 Citrix just released VDI-in-a-Box 5.2 which includes some big changes if you have not been paying attention, like...

Basics of Setting up a Corporate App Store via CloudGateway & Demo

Val King, January 8

So how does the CloudGateway "fit" into the Citrix architecture and how do you go about setting up an App Store?

5 Blindspots in Citrix XenApp Management

Val King, December 10


Managing XenApp environments can be very difficult because there are not a lot of tools out there that let you...

Strategic Planning: 5 Tips to Investing IT Support Dollars

Val King, December 7

IT Support Austin

Strategic Planning: 5 Tips to Investing IT Support Dollars

  Talking to our customers, it is...