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Saving a Healthcare Citrix Build gone Sideways - 6 LESSONS

Val King, March 11

With 100+ agents working from a local Starbucks or with clients and patients in their homes, a government healthcare...

10 Ways Having Whitehat Manage Your Citrix Environment Saves You Time

Val King, February 21

We could all use a little more time each day but time just seems to get away from us. That stuff is either very...

Is Your IT Staff Working Against You?

Jessica Adams, May 31

To be honest, this is a difficult topic, but it is so common we have to talk about it.

Several hundred thousand...

The Case of the “I’m an Expert” Non-Experts

Val King, April 12

In our most recent blog, we described how we often encounter clients where the IT staff has been timidly afraid to...

“Set it and Forget it” Doesn’t Work with Citrix

Val King, April 6
So here’s a problem we see all the time. We’re called in to investigate a Citrix environment gone bad and we see...

Top 5 Reasons Citrix is Slow and Why IT Can’t Seem to Fix It

Val King, February 29

Quite possibly the No. 1 complaint you hear from your end users is frustration about the speed — or lack thereof —...

Whitehat Virtual Technologies Appoints New Citrix Principal Enterprise Architect

Jessica Adams, April 27

Whitehat Virtual Technologies announced today that Pablo Legorreta has joined the company to further develop their...

10 Reasons why Moving to the Cloud is the Best Choice

Jessica Adams, December 1

10 Reasons why Moving to the Cloud is the Best Choice                                        

Whitehat's CloudOffice is...

Citrix Running Slow? Go Managed or Straight to the Cloud

Val King, March 13

Citrix Running Slow? Go Straight to the Cloud

Managing Virtualized Citrix: 4 Tips to Help Find the Right Tool

Val King, February 7

Trying to manage physical Citrix environments and “seeing” what is going on inside the box has always been a bit...