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The Cloud Initiative

The Cloud Initiative

January 2015

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The Cloud Initiative



Do you need to upgrade software, refresh hardware, cut down on CapEx, move to BYOD, or need to re-focus IT to make better use of their time? The Cloud can automate many of the tasks that people are needed for today.  Today it takes two to four hours to deploy a new PC to a new employee.  With a cloud infrastructure, the process of getting a PC setup is automated, so the new PC is built automatically as soon as the request is made. The Cloud reduces labor costs, reduces IT department staffing, and  improves productivity.

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Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a Service is changing the way people do business in the workplace. You are no longer chained to your office computer. The world has gone mobile, and you need to keep up. With Whitehat’s Desktop as a Service, you can get your applications on any device, anywhere. Take CloudDesktop with you on your tablet, smartphone, desktop, zero client, and other devices. 

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Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Whitehat is an industry-leading company in the delivery, design, and support of Microsoft Exchange. Our Service Level Agreement on CloudMail is 100% uptime and all support is U.S. based as we take pride in providing world-class service. Access your business email, calendar and contacts on your desktop, laptop, smartphone, and Web browser so it can always go where you go. 

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Infrastructure as a Service

The goal of CloudServer is to provide a flexible, standardized and virtualized operating environment that allows applications to perform at their peak without downtime. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) abstracts hardware (server, storage and network infrastructure) into a pool of computing, storage and connectivity capabilities that are delivered as services for a usage-based (metered) cost.

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