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Start the Journey to Improving Your End User Experience

Are you ready to pull back the curtains and "see" work through your end users' eyes?  What you learn may changefalse

April 2015

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Are you ready to pull back the curtains and "see" work through your end users' eyes?  What you learn may change more than your end users, it could very well impact your brand, your revenue, your morale and ultimately your bottom line.

For instance:

  • Learn where the pain points are for your end users and their daily routine.
  • Learn how to turn key processes within your applications into measurable metrics so you can gauge the quality of the end user experience and the health of your network in real time.
  • See problems developing before your end users call.
  • Learn how to find a problem, fix it and call the end user to let them know before they ever contacted the Support Desk.
  • Learn how to automatically quantify the end user experience and measure every end user and every device touching your network in real time.
  • See which problems in your environment are symptoms and where the root cause is before you begin diagnosis.
  • Gain the ability to do A:B comparisons between VDI and physical desktops, servers, applications, the desktop OS, etc.
  • Take the guesswork and consultants best estimates out of your capacity planning model, and grow based on defined needs not educated guesses. 

With an initial consultation, Whitehat will guide you through the process of peeling back the layers and seeing your environment and all of its interactions as a whole, not through seperate consoles and reports that limit your vision today.

Understand how Citrix interacts with the 11 subsystems it touches, understand how SAP and other ERP applications interact.  HP UX, Linux, IBM iSeries.  We are here to help and guide you.

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