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3 Benefits of VDI

3 Benefits of VDI 

VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure where the desktop operating system is hosted within a VM –false

August 2014

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3 Benefits of VDI 

VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure where the desktop operating system is hosted within a VM – Virtual Machine running on a centralized server. It is an enhanced and powerful version of desktop virtualization as it facilitates full personalization of desktops for the user. Users can access virtual desktops anywhere, on any device and at any time. This server based computing model is used by some large organizations for eliminating the need for up-gradation of workstation hardware. It is like a spider in which one brain controls 6 or more limbs, one data center or server for all the workstations.


How Does VDI help a business?

1 Utilization of same image

Every desktop can use the same image. Having said that, the OS as well as applications that are installed decreases the organizational and support costs. However, you will need a distinctive image for each user that desires a particular set of applications. This consumes much space on VDI server as users needs to save their private settings and install their own applications.

 2 No upgrades needed

Sometimes a hefty investment in server hardware and storage and network infrastructure is required. As everything will be in the data center, you will not need a huge collection of PCs in your office. One premium system with surplus power supplies, high performance storage, a UPS and networking with high bandwidth would do the trick. Such a setup will deliver the required hardware to all users uniformly.

3 Management of single OS can reduce different costs

You will have to install drivers, patches and applications only once and every user depending upon that image benefits from the update. Make sure all the administrators learn everything about the VDI software.

4 Troubleshooting problems is easier

The tedious task of running out to actual PCs has been reduced by VDI. As images can be accessed from any linked workstation, any user facing any hardware trouble on their usual systems can go to another one and access their data and applications.

5 Secure data

Your data will be in the safe zone in the data center. You can copy it to remote workstation if you want.

So, all in all we can say that VDI desktops are secure, reliable and manageable end-user computing experience. The only area you might find inconvenient for the system is the disk storage. If you have the disk space in abundance, you are ready for VDI. IT industry is growing at rapid rate. The list of users, clients, employees, is increasing for companies and VDI is a great option for them if they want to want walk hand in hand with the growing technology.

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