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Meet the Next Generation Computer - CloudOffice



Whitehat’s CloudOffice is an all-encompassing Cloud solution designed for businesses with thefalse

March 2015

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Whitehat’s CloudOffice is an all-encompassing Cloud solution designed for businesses with the SMB marketplace in mind. Small- and medium-sized businesses are leaders in adopting new technology and all too often that technology is priced out of their reach, but not any longer! Trends such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are compelling businesses of all sizes to initiate solutions that can support collaboration and mobile workforces. In addition, these businesses need to ensure that their proprietary data stays secure and in some cases meets or exceeds compliance requirements.

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With Whitehat’s CloudDesktop (Desktop as a Service), you can get your applications on any device, anywhere. Take your CloudDesktop with you on your tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop, ZeroClient, or almost any device. Our enterprise security team and software will protect your business from viruses, malware, and rogue employees at an infrastructure level. Our infrastructure is secured through SSL encryption at 2048-bit and software applications are streamed and hosted through Citrix XenApp using 256-bit AES encryption.

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cloud_mail CloudMail 

Whitehat’s CloudMail delivers Hosted Exchange with a high standard of physical and digital security for your information while providing the control you want and the reliability your business needs. Hosted Exchange has been designed specifically to meet today’s business and IT challenges while delivering on the capabilities demanded by mobile workforces. At an affordable per user cost, your organization can benefit from the latest version of Microsoft Exchange and stay up-to-date with technology and licensing.



Whitehat’s CloudServer (Infrastructure as a Service) is built in a private cloud environment with encryption, firewalls, and monitoring, so your applications will be safe and secure. CloudServer is utilizing the best technology both HP and Cisco servers have to offer. The easy-to-use control panel also allows you to make changes to your servers on demand. CloudServer can support high-volume constant and bursting workloads across our network, disk, CPU, and bandwidth. Without oversubscribed CPU or RAM, backed by an all-10 Gigabit network, Whitehat’s cloud offerings outperform the leading cloud offerings.
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