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4 Benefits of Managed IT Services

4 Benefits of Managed IT Services

March 2014

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4 Benefits of Managed IT Services

Austin, TX

managed IT Services

In the era of cloud computing and networked applications, managed IT services play a crucial role in helping businesses become even more competitive. When a business elects managed IT services, they no longer have to worry about taking care of and administering the various IT systems they have in place. Their information systems will be managed and operated remotely over a communication network by their chosen managed service provider. This means that a business can scale down or even do away with their IT department because their managed service provider (MSP) will provide the services an in-house IT department would.

Managed IT services has come about as a result of changes in technology and increasing complexity of information resources. Whereas remote administration has been possible since computer networks have been around, it is only the recent past that bandwidth has become cheap and prevalent enough to not only make managed IT services possible but to also allow businesses to have information systems without having to invest in hardware such servers. Technology such as virtualization and maturation of administration tools has also gone a long way into making managed IT services available to businesses.

For any business, firm or organization to which IT is not the core mandate, having an in-house IT department is not only costly but highly risky. Technology is changing rapidly and getting behind and committing to the ‘wrong’ or inappropriate technology can be disastrous and become a source of headaches down the line, whether the investment and commitment is made in software or hardware.

Information systems are growing more and more complex while skilled personnel is becoming harder and harder to come by, which means the business will either have to spend a lot of money to acquire really skilled personnel or take risks with personnel with no proven track record or who have some of the skills but require further training. The expertise needed for in-house maintenance and operation of IT systems places a great strain on a business so it often makes more sense to outsource IT infrastructure maintenance to a managed service provider. This is because they already have the personnel with the requisite skills as well as experience in providing managed IT services.

A business can choose the IT resources it wants managed under managed IT services, from handling only one or part of a system to managing all the information systems the business uses. There are many reasons why businesses go for managed IT services, and here is a look of the benefits gained by doing so:

Reduced Costs

Managed IT services save a business a lot of money, and from different sources. There are savings due to a reduced payroll and other employee expenses such as benefits. One also save a huge amount in acquisition costs especially when using a software as a service (Saas) or platform as a service (Paas) platform, since they do not have to worry about buying software and renewing licenses or acquire hardware such as servers.

Increased Efficiency

Specialization and scale usually leads to increased efficiency and it is no different when it comes to managed IT services. Managed service providers not only have very skilled and experienced personnel who are likely to have dealt with any challenges that crop up but have learnt what works and what does not in a bid to be more efficient.

A managed service provider will usually be serving several clients which means they can afford to provide managed IT services at a fraction of the cost it a business would have to spend due to economies of scale and technology such as virtualization. Reduced downtimes and quicker recovery times in case of failure or problems also increases efficiency and prevents huge losses that may arise as a result of the business’ information system/s being down.

Ease of Scaling

It is easy to scale both the scope coverage provided by a managed service provider and of operation e.g. in terms of traffic to a website or load placed on IT resources. Managed IT services for a business can easily be increased or scaled down as needed with more or lesser systems being managed by a managed services provider. As computing requirements of a business change, it is of utmost importance that information systems the business uses keep pace.

Access to the Latest Technology

A competent Managed Service Provider has the resources and personnel to allow a business to deploy their systems on the latest equipment and using the latest technology as required without a business having to shoulder the heavy investment costs or risks associated with such a shift.

The training and investment required in equipment and other computing resources are large whenever an in-house IT department undertakes upgrades or shift to new technology. An MSP will have the personnel to handle new technology as well as monitor the technology industries to determine new technologies and standards that will make a business more efficient and effective, leading to great savings in time and money.

Managed IT services are a wise investment for a business of any size or IT needs and in most industries as it results in better service delivery and increased competitiveness due to lower costs, a focus on the business’ core competency and increased efficiency.


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