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Citrix Running Slow? Go Managed or Straight to the Cloud

Citrix Running Slow? Go Straight to the Cloud

March 2014

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Citrix Running Slow? Go Straight to the Cloud

Cloud Services Austin, TX

Cloud ServicesOver the last 15 years I have run across many companies that were looking at and acquired Citrix to solve a business need but had no real capability to support Citrix from an IT perspective.

This conundrum has been good for our business.  Exceptional Citrix expertise never lacks for a company willing to pay for that expertise to help them over their troubles.  However, this conundrum has done damage to Citrix in the eyes of end users everywhere.  This is often heard in the mantra “Citrix is slow.”

We have tried many paths to try and solve this problem of giving businesses technology it needs in a way it can support it.  Classroom-based training, custom onsite training, regular onsite maintenance schedules, and remotely managing the environment (Managed Citrix Services) for customers have all been tried and are still solutions that are in use today.  All of these have met with varying degrees of success and failure.

Never be more than 30 seconds away from a great Citrix experience. Take the Citrix challenge.

Within the last year, delivering high quality, exceptionally fast applications and desktops, securely, from the cloud has arrived as a technology ready for the mainstream business community.

For those not quite ready to "go to the cloud" we have developed a Managed Citrix program where our Whitehat Citrix team manages Citrix environments for our customers.  Several thousand seats are already under management at both our customer's locations and hosted in our, or the customers own, cloud environment. 

The technology is not perfect, none is, but for the majority of workloads, it can be an exceptional way to compute and work.

The promise for small, medium and enterprise businesses alike is significant.  If your hardware is in good shape, but the expertise is not there, Whitehat can manage your environment.  Customers get guaranteed performance and get Free Citrix Upgrades for Life.

  If the current server and storage hardware is closer to the end of its life, the cloud might make sense to take some or all workloads, letting the business avoid the capital cost of updating the infrastructure.  No huge capital budgets required, just pay for your technology like you pay for electricity today, as a service.

Businesses leveraging a private environment in the cloud, get access to large enterprise solutions in a cost format that makes sense.  Staffing and payroll costs can be budgeted and contained.  Deep technical expertise is available on demand as needed.  Businesses can use expert technical resources fractionally, as needed, in any area.

Large businesses share in all of the capabilities, but gain some additional advantages in that they can build their own cloud environment, or leverage cloud partners to be able to control their own IT costs better and deliver IT as a service to their internal customers.  

For businesses with Citrix that have no desire or are not big enough to carry full time, dedicated Citrix staff, Managed Citrix services or the cloud brings one more massive advantage.

Today, 50% of the Citrix environments we get engaged to work on are not optimized, not working properly or are a source of actual pain for end users.  Why is this the case?  Citrix can be complex to setup and manage properly because it touches so many different components in the environment. 

Also, Citrix needs regular care and feeding to continue to operate at a high level.  IT staff members that do not work with Citrix on a regular basis often take the position of “Hey, Citrix is working, I am not touching it.”

Optimizing Citrix Login WP

Having a Citrix environment managed by Whitehat or having IT infrastructure delivered from the cloud removes these challenges.  Having Citrix applications or desktops managed by Citrix professionals and delivered from your datacenter or the cloud can completely eliminate challenges businesses face trying to fully leverage Citrix today.

Most importantly, this actually works.  This is not vaporware.  Today, based on the latest numbers from Citrix Summit, applications and desktops are being delivered to over 300,000 endpoints by Citrix Service Providers today.

If you have Citrix and it is a source of pain for your organization, you have another couple of options at your disposal.  You can remediation and your next upgrade and have Whitehat rebuild and manage the environment or go straight to the cloud and never have to worry about Citrix performance again.

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