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NVIDIA vGPU Integrated into XenDesktop 7

NVIDIA vGPU Integrated into XenDesktop 7

January 2014

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NVIDIA vGPU Integrated into XenDesktop 7


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Until now, effective shared use of powerful GPUs for high-end graphics has never been available in a VDI environment. Citrix and NVIDIA have teamed up to change all that. This combined solution allows multiple users to effectively share a single vGPU while maintaining excellent performance. This solves the following problems:

  • Connectivity for a global talent base of engineers.
  • Security of Intellectual Property (IP) when connecting remote users by allowing sensitive files to be stored only in your data center.
  • Improvement of operating efficiency and cost reduction by eliminating the need to transfer data models over slow links.
  • Enabling follow the sun development since the transfer problem is eliminated.
  • Enabling work from home and Disaster Recovery.
  • Enabling the use of mobile devices (iOS and Android, as well as Windows, MAC and Linux)
  • Popular Apps available for this platform are: PTC Creo, AutoDesk, Bentley, BS Solidworks, Siemens, Adobe...and more!

Check out the following video describing first class remote graphics across virtual GPU. If you'd like to learn more after watching this video, join our webinar on January 8, 2014.


Learn About NVIDIA GPU Sharing Attend the Webinar! 1/8/14 @ 11am CST