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Citrix Training for the Real World™

Citrix Training for the Real World™


Citrix provides an extremely flexible technology to deliver applications andfalse

December 2013

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Citrix Training for the Real World™

citrix training for the real world  

Citrix provides an extremely flexible technology to deliver applications and desktops to any device, or as the Citrix mantra goes, "Any Device. Any Time. Any Where."  With that extreme flexibility comes complexity.

No one really wants to hear this, but if you can get your applications delivered any of six different ways, online or offline (XenClient,) on any device, almost anywhere, there is going to be a level of complexity involved.

 It makes our jobs much easier and client Citrix environments function so much better in terms of consistency and quality of the end user experience when there is a Citrix Admin that has a solid understanding of the technology. 

If you want to truly be master of your own Citrix ship, you are going to need Citrix training so you can understand the framework and a fair amount of practical experience to really be of any real service.

Getting time off, however, to go attend two or three weeks of Citrix training can be difficult to flat out impossible even though you need it.  No, really.  


What is Real World Citrix Training?

Our own anecdotal research suggests having Citrix administrators with a good handle on how Citrix technology works reduces the likelihood of environment failure or of significant performance degradation within the first 14 months by up to 50%.  

Finding the time and budget for training can be a hurdle for any business, but so can filling the knowledge gap created when key IT staff are out of the office.

To help resolve these seemingly irreconcilable issues, Whitehat has developed a custom Citrix training program with seven key principles that combine to form what we call:

Citrix Training for the Real World™


  • Taught by a certified instructor that brings practical field experience to the classroom.
  • Include optional Citrix-Admin-for-a-Day™ services.  Get the formal classroom training you need while a certified Citrix administrator fills in for you at work while you learn.
  • Citrix Certified Classes available over a variety of formats from a standard classroom setting to live online.
  • Classes available in a condensed intense format, reducing the amount of time required to be out of the office from five days to three days.
  • Classes available in modular chunks, not requiring more than a half a day out of the office at any one time.
  • Assessment driven custom onsite Citrix classes, evaluating your environment and building a curriculum that specifically meets the needs identified in your Citrix environment.
  • Custom onsite classes on any topic or combination of topics that you choose.

From our experience, if your Citrix environment is "challenging" or "Citrix is slow," you probably do not have much in the way of Citrix expertise taking care of your environment or they do not have the tools they need to see inside of your environment and quickly find the root cause of the problem.

Citrix Training for the Real World™ is the best collection of ideas we have come up with to enable Citrix Administrators to get the training they need to do their jobs while balancing budget/work commitments.   

Interested in learning more? Have a suggestion for us? Call us today or click the button below.


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