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5 Recommended Practices for Securing Mobile Devices

5 Recommended Practices for Securing Mobile Devices

April 2014

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5 Recommended Practices for Securing Mobile Devices

Austin, TX


Every time a business laptop is lost or stolen, the organization takes a direct cost hit. The cost of a stolen laptop or other mobile device can be crippling for an organization. In 2009 the average cost of a lost laptop was $49,000 (including downtime, support, and management time). One tenth of all laptops will eventually be stolen and 1 laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. Kensington, maker of anti-theft devices, published those statistics along with many more in the infographic below. Well implemented security policies reduce laptop theft by 85%, here are the 5 best practices Kensington listed for securing mobile devices:

  1. Implement a mobile security policy
  2. Invest in physical security
  3. Never leave devices logged into networks, email, or websites
  4. Encrypt all data and secure networks
  5. Authenticate users and always know who has access

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