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Virtualization: Maximize the Value of your IT Investment

Virtualization: Maximize the Value of your IT Investment

November 2013

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Virtualization: Maximize the Value of your IT Investment

Virtualization Services in Austin, TX

Val King, President and CEO of Whitehat Virtual Technologies in Austin, Texas discusses the end user experience and how virtualization can drive ROI to the bottom line for a company. A modified transcript is provided below the video. 

Whitehat is a virtualization specialist at our core, we take care of customers on a project basis and we take care of customers from a managed services and from a hosting perspective. If they are done owning IT infrastructure we can host that and provide that as a service for them.

50% of companies are losing revenue because of poor performing applications. Poor application performance can impact company revue by 9%. By us focusing specifically on the end user and making sure that end user experience is right, then what we are doing is making sure that not only the employee is productive as possible but when magnified across all the employees across the corporation we are driving real live numbers and real live ROI to the bottom line for the company.

The end user for us is the ultimate metric. If we get it right at the end user then everything else behind the end user really doesn’t matter from an IT perspective. The end goal of the entire technology infrastructure is to make the company and the employee more productive. If we’ve done that and can prove it, then we’ve done a good job.

For us virtualization is the ideal way to maximize the value of an IT investment for a company. For us that’s primarily delivered with Citrix, VMware and Microsoft products. By putting everything in a virtual environment we can optimize where they when, when they run, and how then run.  More importantly, when we run into a failure situation, we can very quickly bring that environment back up for a company and get them running. 

How we scale our business for the different types of customers we get really depends on the individual needs. For a small business we provide that IT piece as a service just like a light switch, it’s there when you need it, it’s not when you don’t. For medium and larger enterprise we scale our services if you need us more in some areas we provide those services for you. As you grow and add expertise we back off and make ourselves available in other ways that fit.

I take a ton of pride in being able to go in and identify particular problems and put these environments back the way they should be performing for the customer. More importantly, putting tools behind them so they don’t find themselves in that situation again, having to pay money again to get it put back together. 


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